XOOL Car Fan

8.4 out of 10

During those dog days of summer, sometimes your car might not get cool enough for your little one in the backseat. Also, not all cars are well ventilated in the back, especially for rear facing children. The Xool Car Fan is one of many solutions on the market to solve this problem. This car fan attaches to the headrest and includes 2 rotatable, 12V electric fans. These fans plug into your car’s cigarette outlet and have a control wheel to adjust the fan’s speed. The fan is quiet and emits low noise, so it won’t disrupt any sleeping children. This fan can be used anywhere in your car to improve air circulation but it specifically is a good solution for your children in rear facing car seats. 

The fan circulates the air within the car, it is not a substitute for an air conditioning, as it does not create cool air independently. For best results, let the car run, including air conditioning and fan, for a few minutes before entering. While the fans can rotate 360 degrees, they also may easily fall out of place, if your children touch or bump into them. The wire that is between the fan unit and the 12V DC car cigarette lighter is 5.87ft, so depending on how far you need to maneuver the wire, this may be a tight fit for your vehicle. 

You can find this fan on Amazon and Walmart.

Ease of Use
9 out of 10
8 out of 10
Easy To Install
8.5 out of 10
Air Flow
8 out of 10


Easy to install


360 Degree Rotation


Control wheel to adjust speed off fan


Circulates air, does not emit cool air

Fans fall from position

Short wire (dependent on model of vehicle)

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