Want to know the one product that I could not have lived without this summer…it’s the MamboBaby Float! Honestly, where was this product all my life? Truthfully, I don’t always feel this way about baby products. Sometimes I truly am a minimalist and think that some of the newer baby items are more hassle than helpful, but this one is a lifesaver!

Remember these baby floats? Or maybe you’re still using one of these…

I had these for my daughters and they would only stay in them for a minute or two. Not to mention they never fit well at all. I was always worried my little ones would slip out or face-plant into the water.

Here is your sign to STOP what you are doing and order the Mambo Baby Float! I know the price tag is a bit more than the one above, but it is WORTH EVERY dollar!

Here are the main reasons I love the Mambo Baby Float!

Feels Safer and Sturdier than Other Baby Float Options!

I remember how unstable and honestly flimsy the competitor floats felt. This float is heavy-duty and is made of a patented PearlFoam material. I love that this float allows babies to feel water, but it keeps their heads safely above it whether in the craddle or the stomach swimming position.

All the buttons and attachments are safeguarded by protective covers to ensure added safety on the snap closures. When my son is in this float he feels cozy and secure, which means he stays in there much longer than any of the other baby floats I’ve tried.

Grows with Baby and Toddler!

Not only does this work for little babies just 3 months old where they float laying on their backs, but it also grows with your baby. Last summer my son liked to float in the craddle position and this summer he likes to lie on his stomach in a more proper swimming position where he can move his arms and kick his legs!

Offers Built in Shade!

We love that the MamboBaby comes with a sun canopy especially when our little guy was just a few months old because not only could he be with us in the pool, beach, or lake, but he was also shaded. The sun canopy also seems like an improvement to competitor floats because it so easily snaps in place and has air vents on the side to allow a breeze in. Even the sunshade itself has UPF 50+ protection!

Honestly, I love that when I’m floating with my little guy I can take advantage of some of the shade it provides too!

Holds Up Summer After Summer!

We have had our float for two summers and it is like new! Anytime we take it somewhere we have so many compliments on it and I feel like I’m spreading the news of how wonderful this float is to anyone who wants to know! I already have a feeling our MamboBaby float is going to be a well-loved and handed-down baby item for members of our extended family.

Adorable Styles

MamboBaby has the cutest style floats too.

I’d love to order this football one for my little guy as we transition into Fall

How cute is this Mermaid float for your little mermaid!

While you’re ordering order one of these cute Mambo floats be sure to snag the cutest swimsuits from Caden Lane! The best part is these adorable swim styles are on sale!

My top picks for the perfect swim suits to close out summer in style are below:

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