This bassinet is one of my top recommendations for Baby Registry’s because it is so convenient, portable, and aesthetically pleasing. I honestly cried when I had to pack this bassinet up once my son aged out of it. Here are the top reasons to love this bassinet!

Convenient, Ergonomic Design

This bassinet is made to adjust to any bed height and can also swivel over your bed. Trust me, in the early days after having a baby, whether you’ve had a vaginal delivery or c-section, you will be sore. Getting up and down isn’t the easiest so having baby within arms reach for feedings likely every 2-3 hours is a lifesaver. The Halo Bassinet even has a side that lowers down to allow you to carefully lift baby out for those feedings and changing.


As baby grows it’s nice to allow them to nap other places, but having the consistency of the Halo Bassinet as that safe space is wonderful. I love that the Halo Bassinet can be pulled off the stand and easily carried anywhere in your home or even front porch to allow your little one to nap elsewhere while having a consistent place.

Aesthetically Pleasing

With my first daughter, I felt like everything was overly pink! I’m so thankful that the Halo Bassinet is neutral and can fit well with any bedroom or nursery. I also love that you can add a bit of style to the Halo Bassinet by putting the baby in a beautiful sleep sack like the ones from Caden Lane.

My son loves his reversible blue one and I love the one below with florals for a baby girl:


While the model I owned wasn’t anything fancy there seem to be new models that offer built in sound machines and gentle vibrating motions. I used a separate sound machine so I bet having one built in is just amazing.

I truly miss the view of my little one sleeping so peacefully in his Halo Bassinet. Around 6 months when he learned to sit up we knew it was time to transition him to his big boy crib, but I highly recommend investing and using the Halo Bassinet beside your bed for as long as works for you and your little one. Hopefully, it helps your nights and naptimes go smoothly!

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