Summer is here! If your summer plans include a lot of days spent by the pool, you want to be sure your pool bag is packed and ready to go. During those hot summer days, you definitely don’t want to forget anything. Here is a list of a few pool bag essentials to have with you this summer.

Sun Protection


This is an absolute necessity! You want to keep your little one’s skin safe from those UV rays, so apply and reapply sunscreen often. You can find sunscreen in a spray, lotion, or stick form, so do your research and find one that works for your family. Apply before you leave the house and throw extra sunscreen in your pool bag!

Sun Hat/ Sunglasses

Sunscreen is your little one’s first layer of protection, but it’s also worth investing in a pair of sunglasses or a sun hat to really keep your little one safe when out in that summer sun!

Snacks & Drinks


Little ones are always looking for a snack, so you can expect some extra snackin’ when they are busy swimming and playing all day! Throw some favorites in the bag, some fresh fruit or a yogurt/applesauce pouch (freeze it overnight, and let it thaw for a few hours while swimming) and your little ones will thank you!

Water Bottle

It is important to keep your little one hydrated, especially on those long pool days. Throw a reusable water bottle in your bag, and refill as necessary throughout the day. I love the idea of getting a personalized water bottle because then you can easily keep track of what water bottle belongs to what child!

Post-Swimming Necessities


Once your day of swimming has concluded, or it is time to take a break for snacks or lunch, your little one definitely needs a high quality towel to keep them both warm and dry. Similar to the water bottles, I like the idea of a personalized towel so your little ones can easily find theirs and it saves you a step. Although you may choose to carry your towels and they might not go ‘in’ the pool bag, they are absolutely a pool day essential!

Cover Up or Change of Clothes

Depending on your little one, or your plans for the rest of the day, you may opt to pack a cover up, large t-shirt or a new outfit all together when it is time to go home. Make sure you have all you need for whatever you decide to do – including diapers, wipes, shoes, brush etc.


Swim Diaper

If your little one is still in diapers, make sure you have some extra swim diapers packed. Regular diapers shouldn’t be submerged in water, so be sure you have an appropriate alternate solution, and pack extras!

Swim Gear

Be sure to have any swim gear your little ones need, including floaties, goggles or water shoes. If you are going to a pool where you can bring your own toys, make sure to have those packed too. There are a variety of swim & diving toys out there to peak your little ones interest!

Wet Bag

I recommend throwing a wet or waterproof smaller bag into your pool bag. When your little ones change out of their bathing suit, throw it right into the wet bag to keep the rest of your things dry.

Pool Bag

There couldn’t have a list of pool bag essentials, without a few cute, affordable and practical pool bag options!

I hope your summer is spent creating some beautiful memories with your family, poolside, oceanside or at home together!

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