This episode derailed really quickly, but I promise it’s worth it! Highlights include bean and cheese burritos, butt problems, and things that can help you through your pregnancy.

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Katy  0:01  
[Intro] Hey, welcome to I’m that mom the podcast about motherhood without the pressure of perfection. My name is Katie. I’m a self taught entrepreneur who started my baby company while pregnant and grew it to an eight figure business as a single mom of three. Join us as we discuss the fun, funny and messy parts of motherhood. We’re certainly not experts. We’re just here to support all the moms and hopefully, collectively, we don’t completely get up.

Katy  0:30  
Okay, so let’s talk pregnancy survival tips. I feel like – and the real ones not necessarily like Oh, make sure you get lots of sleep and rest and put your feet up because that’s maybe kind of doable, but it’s definitely…

Casey  0:45  
yeah, it’s a little more out of reach. I mean, especially if you’re working to or if you have a kid already, like that’s, that’s not ideal. That advice is more first time mom.

Katy  0:55  
Yeah, yeah, it goes right along with the sleep when baby sleeps. Yeah, you know, but okay, but let’s, so my first pregnancy, I mean, really, the first thing that comes to mind is how do you deal with sickness? Because I would say probably 80% of women have some kind of nausea when they’re pregnant. So I feel like Yeah, I mean, being that morning sickness, right? And then it starts I swear, you pee on the stick, and the next day, it’s like, vomiting in the toilet.

Casey  1:24  
I mean, pretty much, they go hand in hand. I know with my first one, we were in the middle of renovating our house and I kept getting sick. And my husband thought I was trying to get out of the renovations. He’s like, 

Katy  1:36  
did you know you don’t pregnant? 

Casey  1:37  
No, not yet. And so he was like, if you don’t want to be here, just leave like, I don’t need your help. I can finish this on my own. I’m like I can do it. Like, I want to be here. And then sure enough, the next day, I took a test. And that was why so the nausea is like the first thing.

Katy  1:53  
Yeah, it is. And it is horrible. I mean, I don’t even like being sick or throwing up not pregnant, but actually having to wake up and feel. I mean, it just and then going to work or having another child at home. I mean, it can just be horrible. The things that helped me the most was eating crackers, and kind of keeping like something in my stomach a little bit. And the last thing you want to do is eat because you feel sick. But no, I just remember like goldfish and actually bean and cheese tacos.

Casey  2:23  
That’s my thing. Yeah, bean and cheese. 

Katy  2:25  
So what are people outside of Texas? 

Casey  2:27  
I don’t know. That probably sounds so weird to anybody outside of Texas.

Katy  2:30  
Anybody in California is like what they eat bean and cheese tacos. It’s like a burrito. And there’s just something I think it probably coats our stomach with the beans. 

Casey  2:39  
and I mean, protein and them and a little bit of dairy like –

Katy  2:44  
it’s a miracle that all the pregnant women in Texas aren’t like 1000 pounds overweight from eating all the bean and cheese tacos. There was definitely a rush at my local like Taco Cabana. Yeah, there’s no question, but and I even I mean driving to work when I was pregnant, I’d pull over on the access road, like throw up outside of my door. I mean, that’s like hardcore. Close it. I kept mouthwash, like in my side door. So I could just rinse out because I mean, there was what do you do? That’s just what you do. 

Casey  3:12  
You have to keep going. 

Katy  3:13  
Yeah, I know. It was crazy. And then it kind of stopped probably around 12/14 weeks or got better. 

Casey  3:20  

Katy  3:21  
 But then it came in like waves really forever. The one thing that made me the most sick Oh, my first pregnancy was it was Thanksgiving. And my mother in law, you know, kind of assigned everybody what they were cooking. And I had to make sweet potatoes. And I was Gosh, in my first trimester for sure. But I had to like roast the sweet potatoes and it made my whole house smell like it. I threw up all day long and to this day, I cannot eat sweet potatoes.

Casey  3:48  
It just ruined it for you.

Katy  3:52  
And like sweet potato fries are like all the thing now and I can’t touch them because I literally have PTSD from cooking on Thanksgiving. I know. Did you have any food aversions?

Casey  4:02  
Mine it’s so weird, mine is meat. I don’t like I turn into a vegetarian the first trimester and I live on protein shakes and beans and oatmeal. And in addition to my Zofran that my lovely doctor gave me.

Katy  4:17  
that’s in the triangle the food pyramid right? Zofran, your dairy, your meats and your vegetables.

Casey  4:23  
But really it’s a lifesaver.

Katy  4:25  
I tell moms like why women try to fight it and they’re like No, I don’t need medicine. I don’t need medicine. Take it like it helps and it makes it feel you just, feel so much better and especially if you have little ones at home. I mean as long as your doctor is giving you advice and you know saying you can take it and it’s not you know causing problems. I’m like give me all the meds I love them Yeah. Second third so I you know, I’ve got five kiddos only three of them my birth so the other two were bonus children from second marriage and so those pregnancies were fabulous.

Casey  4:59  

Katy  5:00  
they’re awesome. Yeah, but my girl pregnancies just killed me they were way worse than my boy for sure. And I think they say like, don’t your hormones get worse? And so kind of like the girl hormones make you more sick? The, what are all the wives tales, so if you’re having a boy you carry more in the front and if you’re having a girl you carry more in the back. And what are some of the others are like craving sweets or

Casey  5:29  
craving salty and then like what side you sleep on? I’ve heard like the right side or the left side means Boy or girl?

Katy  5:37  
Yeah, let’s see what else um oh my gosh and my so I actually had to do IVF with my third baby. So I went through the crazy amounts of hormones, which does not lead to any easier of a pregnancy I will always have a soft spot in my – a soft spot in my heart for moms have to go through it because like take PMS hormones, and then like times and times 50 Like you were just psycho.

Casey  6:06  
And that’s a long process too like you have the hormones before you even get pregnant.

Katy  6:13  
 You have the hormones before you get the hormones.

Casey  6:15  
 So – oh my gosh. 

Katy  6:16  
And then they give you extra hormones on top of it. It was insane. Plus, like with each you know, pregnancy, like you get older and older and so I was in my mid 30s when I had my last and it’s not just pregnancy hormones. It’s the hormones after the baby’s born. Like nobody prepared me for night sweats. I mean, I would soak my night gown or tank top or shorts. Did you have a night sweats?

Casey  6:42  
Yeah, even while I was still pregnant, I think just like the extra body heat and my increased heart rate. I was just always sweating and could not stay cool. 

Katy  6:53  
And the hair loss. My hair look, I don’t have hair to spare, I don’t know if y’all can tell but not but after every baby, I have like the Mohawk. You know, like when all your hair falls out. And then you get the baby hairs and it’s all crazy. Yeah, the whole way around. But you have more. You just had Grayson, she’s not even a year old. What was what were some of your other crazy? I know pregnancy symptoms. Have a just like anytime you stand up or walk or run or do anything like somehow something always is like

Casey  7:26  
moving or –

Katy  7:27  
That’snot what I was going to say [laughter]

Casey  7:27  
Yeah. Oh,

Katy  7:30  
let’s just put it this way. I had a lot of like panty liners in my pregnancy. Did you not?

Casey  7:36  
 No –

Katy  7:39  
Great, I’m the only one and it was weird. 

Casey  7:41  
No, you’re not the only one. 

Katy  7:43  
It is a thing. It is a thing. And it is normal. 

Casey  7:47  
Yeah, yeah, I could see that. I mean, I read about it online, because I had like every single app you could imagine and would like read constantly. Yeah, I probably read too much. So I still know what you’re talking about. But you know, everyone is different. Yeah, so.

Katy  8:02  
Oh, great. Let me go down my other list. I had horrible hemorrhoids. Did you have hemorrhoids? Okay, you suck. You’re like that person that nobody likes when they’re pregnant? No, you’re like, I love being pregnant. It’s amazing and I’m like walking around with like pads and like tuck shoved up my ass crack. 

Casey  8:19  
I mean the tucks are nice. I use them even if I don’t have hemorrhoids.

Katy  8:23  
And I got like five of them up there to like, stay.

Casey  8:25  
Oh my god.

Katy  8:27  
I can tell you a quick hemorrhoid story. And most went and I didn’t even have vaginal birth and I still had hemorrhoids. And they I know. That’s like cruel, right? It was horrible. But I didn’t. So I didn’t have them first pregnancy. Second pregnancy is when I got them. And I guess it’s just because everything carries lower. And so you have more like pressure. Well, I had never had hemorrhoid before. Yeah. Have you had one?

Casey  8:50  

Katy  8:51  
 Oh, they’re like, how did this whole podcast get turned into hemorrhoids? They’re horrible. And it like it’s literally Yeah. Okay, so I’m gonna tell you the story. So it was halfway through my pregnancy and like, you know, when it’s like hot out and I just felt like something weird between my butt cheeks, basically. And so I went home and I’m like, something is not right. Like something’s not right. And I got like, my handheld mirror. And like, I get in my bathroom and, and I look and I’m like, what? And I’m like, I stop and I panic. And I’m like, something is wrong, like the baby’s coming out of my butt. 

Casey  9:27  
You can like actually see this?

Katy  9:27  
Yeah, there was like, a mommy grape had like baby grades and they were all coming out my ass at the same time. So at the time, my husband was a physician. And so I’m like, Okay, well, he’ll know what to do about like my intestines coming out my butthole because this something’s wrong with me. Like it’s really bad. This is a true story, y’all. And so I think I like paced in my bathroom a couple times and finally called him in and I’m like, You need to come in here like something is seriously wrong. I don’t know what it is,

Casey  9:56  

Katy  9:56  
and he’s like, Well, what is it and I’m like While it’s like my butt and I, like it’s not good, like it kinda nice described him and like, it was not this big. I’m using my hands like It’s like coming out of my butt. But it was big enough to cause panic, right? And he’s like, Katy, let me see like, let me just see. And he was a general surgeon. So he like was used to, I think every but things. Anyways, I made him sit on the edge, because he’s like, I need to see it. Like, I need to see if we need to go to the hospital. And I’m like, I am not showing you this. And he’s like, and I don’t know, it’s just I would have rather shown you my butthole at that point, like then him totally sober. Like, right, like you’re pregnant and huge. So he sits on the edge of the bathtub. And I have to bend over and there’s, I know, like, are you visualizing this? And he still is completely calm, and I’m like, cold sweating. And I like bend over. And then I like spread em. And I’m like, Oh my God. But I really thought I was gonna die. Like I thought this was horrible. And he’s like, it’s a hemorrhoid. And I’m like, What do you mean? And he’s like, Well, it’s like a big hemorrhoid with like, Baby hemorrhoids, right? And I was like, Oh my god. So I call my friend that was my OB at the time. And I’m like, I’m birthing hemorrhoids out of my ass. And she’s like, crying laughing and she calls me in a prescription and anyways, it goes away. There’s nothing more humiliating than Yeah, being like six months pregnant and bending over to have your husband make sure you’re not dying from something coming out of your butt.

Casey  11:31  
Yeah, cuz you already know you’re about to lose your dignity a little bit when you give birth. Just like showing everyone, but this is like too early.

Katy  11:40  
Different yeah. So that and then it came back with a vengeance on my third pregnancy. Yeah. And I guess it was just like the pressure. I had big babies. So I think that I just couldn’t take.  They’re gone now Thank God.

Casey  11:55  
I got lucky. I didn’t have those. But what happened to me was my tailbone got, like, totally fucked up. It was terrible. It like, because I also gained 55 pounds when I was pregnant.

Katy  12:08  
And they say like, what 30 pounds is normal.

Casey  12:12  
 Yeah, but I mean, I’ve always had like, I’ve thought I’m like, taller, and then like a little bit skinnier. And so yeah, I was just like, let me eat everything and then I gained everything. Yeah, it like shifted my tailbone though. And so like my biggest like pregnancy survival thing was my freakin like, tailbone pillow with a hole cut out on it.

Katy  12:35  
You had to sit on a doughnut?

Casey  12:36  
Yeah, and I still sit on it today because like, it never went back to normal.

Katy  12:41  
Oh my god. I love that this is a whole like butt story. We started off with pregnancy survival tips. And now everybody knows about how we both had butt issues during our pregnancy.

Casey  12:52  
Well, I mean, we can’t be the only one.

Katy  12:55  
No, we cannot be the only one. What are other like pregnancy symptoms? Oh, I know. How about your nipples are your areolas growing and getting darker. That’s not in the books. I just remember literally like changing clothes and being like, what this is like, what is this? It’s like targets which I think that’s actually I read one time that it is meant to get darker so that the baby like can naturally see, baby one gonna miss mine. That was for sure. Yeah, did yours grow too?

Casey  13:27  
Yeah. And that was a little disappointing because I was like, Yeah, I’m gonna get bigger boobs. And I was like, I got bigger nipples before the boobs came.

Katy  13:34  
The ratio was off. Yeah, I got bigger boobs, too. And then my children’s sucked them dry. And then they were like, hanging like sock bags where like, if you bend over, it would literally fall out of your bra. Or I could like pick up the skin and like, do this. 

Casey  13:51  
Oh my gosh. 

Katy  13:53  
After I was done having babies, I got them fixed. So now Thank god. Yeah, I’m like, can we reduce the size of everything and pull them up? It’s like pulling your socks up. I was like, I don’t want big ones. I just want like perfectly teeny ones. I don’t know something like manageable. Yeah, because once you have like the huge milk boobs like you don’t want it’s like a fantasy right? We all think we want big boobs until you have them and then it’s like National Geographic. Yeah, all the things and never again so I bet there’s plenty of women that can relate to that. Um, what else what other weird pregnancy symptoms I have? Gosh,

Casey  14:29  
I mean like for me also just with like the gaining weight and stretching the pregnancy pillows. Those U or the C shaped pillows like

Katy  14:39  
yeah, like I still sometimes sleep with like a pillow or blanket between my legs.

Casey  14:42  
Yeah, yeah. And like stick it up underneath your belly so that you can lay on your side because –

Katy  14:48  
those pillows got more love than my husband for sure.

Casey  14:52  
Yeah, well and my husband would steal mine sometimes to in the middle of the night. I have to like yank it back from him and reclaim it.

Katy  15:00  
and we get no sympathy. I think there are dads out there that like really make an effort to like make sure you’re comfortable but not near enough because we’re pregnant 24/7 and they’re only nice about it or even remember, like a small fraction of the time, majority like we’re just talking about, like all of them. But yeah, was your husband like, was he good about really helping out during pregnancy? 

Casey  15:23  
He is, like right now like I’m feeling really sick and so like if he hears me he’ll like come bring like water or like tissues and just like kind of be on guard. 

Katy  15:33  
Yeah, but I feel like you just hinted towards like being –

Casey  15:36  
Okay yeah, I am pregnant right now.

Katy  15:39  
But early pregnant so you can actually talk about your symptoms, like in real time.

Casey  15:45  
Yeah. The nausea is hitting me hard right now. And it sucks.

Katy  15:50  
Although it wasn’t as bad. So we have a couple pregnant girls at work. 

Casey  15:53  

Katy  15:53  
 And one of them started off her day with a text to us saying, oh my gosh, I know. This is like every mom can relate. That was sick. She was driving to work and threw up down herself driving and had to pull over. And we were like, oh my god, go home. Poor thing. It’s just I think we can all relate to that moment where you just it comes on like crazy. And you just I mean, I can’t even count as many times as I threw up in the car. Yeah, yeah. Horrible. But yeah, so but we’re so excited. Yeah, another baby coming. We don’t know yet if it’s boy or girl. But 

Casey  16:26  
no, but I mean, even like going through that, like, obviously, we’re excited about the baby. But my husband was like, over the moon. And we have a nine month old right now. And so when I first figured it out, I had like, a breakdown, I was like, two under two, two under 18 months, like this is so much I’m gonna be pregnant for like three years straight, this is like, my body is tired,

Katy  16:52  
right? And too like you were exercising again, and you start to fit into all your clothes. And then –

Casey  16:58  
yeah, I know, it’ll be worth it. But at the same time, it’s like overwhelming at first. And like, your head just runs through everything you have to do to get ready and how your body is going to change and just readjust again.  

Katy  17:12  
And you will look a lot more pregnant faster. Like there’s just something about our bodies that remember they’re like, oh, pee on a stick, pregnant. And it like remembers Right? Like, do you feel and remember to I mean, gosh, this was the whole pregnancy, but especially with your first where you spend the whole first half of the pregnancy wishing you looked pregnant. And then the whole second half of the pregnancy wishing you didn’t like you were skinny. Yeah, but it there’s something about the second and third, and you know, I guess just, you know, consecutive pregnancies that your body’s like, oh, yeah, I got this girl. But yeah, so even though the baby’s decided like a poppy seed, I know just remembers

Casey  17:54  
But you know what a good perk of that is, though. When you do look pregnant and people start holding the door open for you, like just automatically a little bit nice to you. And that’s always like fun and always like, Oh, thank you. Yes, I am with child 

Katy  18:09  
and milk it at home like yeah, there because like, let’s be real, like dad is not suffering enough. It’s really not fair. No, no. So I would for sure, like when it’s bath time or bedtime, just kind of be like, Oh, I don’t know, my back my stomach like the whole thing and milk it? Yes. They need to pay. It’s really not fair. Like no, no, it’s not fair. And if men had to get pregnant, well I mean, we would just all stop reproducing, because it just wouldn’t they be in bed the whole time, like, in the fetal position. It would be so bad. And yeah, it would just not It wouldn’t be good. But yeah, I say for sure milk it and if you need help coming up with ideas, you know, let me know. I’ll give you a laundry list. Yeah, yeah, I’d make Kevin do your laundry, help with Grayson, like I’d get real sick real fast if I was you, get some extra help around the house for sure. Okay, so what else did we put on here? So oh worrying I wrote down worrying 24/7. That’s something I feel like we don’t all talk about either. And I think it’s so natural because when you whether you decide to get pregnant, or it’s a surprise pregnancy, I think most women in that process of trying to get pregnant live in two week increments. Yeah, you know what I mean?

Casey  19:26  
 Like you’re waiting for the next doctor’s appointment. 

Katy  19:29  
Well, not even that it’s in waiting for your periods. So it’s kind of like you have your period, it’s two weeks to ovulation, then it’s two weeks waiting to find out if you’re pregnant. And if you’ve ever lived in that two week cycle. It’s exhausting. And you spend your whole time just worrying and anticipating waiting to see if you’re actually going to be pregnant. Yeah, well, then you finally get pregnant. And it starts all over. Then it’s like oh my god, I have to Okay, is there gonna be a heartbeat? Oh my gosh, am I gonna get through the first trimester oh my gosh, and, you know for women have struggled with miscarriage which it’s like one in four or something. I mean,

Casey  20:04  
 it’s so common. 

Katy  20:05  
it is beyond- I have miscarriage did you?

Casey  20:08  

Katy  20:08  
Oh, you’re very lucky. But it is extremely common. And sometimes it happens so early that women don’t even know that they have one. But yeah, so if you’ve gone through that experience or even like I’m sure you know, somebody that has,

Casey  20:21  

Katy  20:22  
yeah, it’s that fear, right. And then you get to the first trimester, and then you keep and you worry to the second trimester. And I always remember that, like 24 weeks was kind of that moment where baby is viable, like outside of the womb, right? Do you remember that? Like, yeah. And so then for me, okay, well, I felt like there was some security with that, but every day anything if I stood up too fast and something came out, ran to the bathroom, like checking my underwear, you know, any little cramp or once baby started moving. I just did you worry that much like

Casey  20:55  
I did. And, and I talked to my doctor about it, because I had anxiety medicine, too, because I’m already a planner, a worrier. Yeah, so that just exacerbated it for me. And so one thing that they let me do was get one of those at home dopplers. And so –

Katy  21:11  
 I had one the last time!

Casey  21:12  
 I couldn’t use it all the time. But it is so nice to have. It’s just like reassuring peace of mind. Like everything’s okay. There’s the heartbeat. 

Katy  21:22  
But did you ever use it? And you don’t find it? And then like you panicked? Yeah, I did that. 

Casey  21:27  
makes your heart race. Yeah, that’s it’s like the pro and con to it. So that’s why I think you should talk to your doctor about it first, but they were like, if it gives you peace of mind, and you can prevent – 

Katy  21:37  
You can buy them on Amazon now. Yeah, I can literally buy a handheld Doppler one. And it’s so cool. And early on. I mean, I’d say probably as early as 10 weeks. I bet you can hear the heartbeat through the handheld. Yeah, sure. I might be wrong on that. But yeah, I did have one with my last pregnancy. And it did help a little bit. But you know, it’s just the worry. I think that everybody really has that much fear. But we don’t talk about it. Because it’s like, if we say it out loud. You don’t want to like we’re not putting it Yeah, exactly. But you just then you have the baby. And then it cycles all into this. Like, are they sleeping on their stomach? Are they sleeping on their back? are they breathing? Am I feeding them enough? Am I not feeding them enough? Are they getting the right nutrition? You know? Everything never ending? It’s never ending? And now, like with a teenager driving, I’m like, oh my god, did I raise it? You know? Did I raise good humans? Am I even feeding him the right things, are like toddlers with chicken nuggets and cheese. Like I just was convinced like how she can have how she can survive off of she was, Lila my littlest was the pickiest eater. And she only ate fruit and chicken nuggets. And she’s fine. Like she’s totally fine. So I think it’s just that like constant worry that never really? Do dads worry that much.

Casey  22:54  
I feel like they do. But maybe just about different things. Like

Katy  22:59  
I feel like you’re being nice. I don’t think they do.

Casey  23:00  
Maybe I got lucky.

Katy  23:02  
But like men have this ability to literally Have you ever like been in the car with your husband, and he just kind of has a blank face? And you’re like, What are you thinking about? Oh, yeah. And he’s all nothing. And no, I like legit think they’re thinking about nothing. Like somehow they’re literally like, thinking of nothing. Whereas my brain is now thinking about what they should be thinking about what I’m thinking about my babies or kids at dinner or groceries work all that, you know, and wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just like not think? Yeah, about anything

Casey  23:38  
I know because I’m the researcher in the house. And so like I’m constantly looking at stuff and figuring out like what needs to happen next. Yeah, what I need to do to prepare.

Katy  23:50  
and there’s some really great you know, books out there too and and podcasts even about dads and what they can do to help support mom or what they shouldn’t do that’s not supporting mom, what you should and shouldn’t say like in labor or at the doctor’s office or just to your wife in general. Like don’t ever be like oh the extra 40 pounds look really good on you. That’s when like the psycho mom comes out or you know, you’re you’re really showing or your butt’s getting bigger like they don’t mean it but yeah, you know what I mean? Okay, what else I keep looking down at our little cheat sheet here but I probably oh clothes! what was your favorite thing to where pregnant? And what are you looking forward to wearing and then say goodbye to your jeans?

Casey  24:35  
Yeah, no more jeans which is fine because I hate jeans to begin with. I’m always I’m a dress girl so I love me good rouched dress like yeah, it has like the extra fabric,

Katy  24:46  
Tie it just where you’re skinny. 

Casey  24:47  
Yeah. And then it lets your belly grow into it. And so honestly, last year, I found two different style dresses on Amazon and ordered 

Katy  24:56  
Like maxis?

Casey  24:57  
no, they’re still like, they still like shaped my body but they were like longer still, they probably down to my knees and then I did like tank top and short sleeve and

Katy  25:08  
go a little longer and then you don’t have to shave your legs as often. That’s kind of nice. 

Casey  25:12  
Oh, yeah. 

Katy  25:13  
That’s the short versus long. Yeah, maxi dresses I lived in. I loved pants that came up like over my whole belly. But I couldn’t wear the ones that were tight, like right under maybe early on in pregnancy, but when you actually have the big belly with the weight, it either felt really good to have nothing on it. Yeah, like the like what you’re saying with the dresses or pants that like to hold up a little on that along with my National Geographic like milking boobs was really sexy.

Casey  25:45  
Isn’t that funny, that when you hit the point of pregnancy, we’re like your boobs can just sit on your belly. And like you can put your ice cream there too.

Katy  25:52  
Yeah, it is kind of fun. I missed that part where you’re sitting on the couch and like you see like your belly move. Yeah, that’s like the really cool parts of pregnancy for sure. 

Casey  26:04  
Yeah. You have to soak it up. And eat all the snacks. Kick your feet. Yes, drink your water.

Katy  26:10  
Drink lots of water. I had a good friend. Well, she owned a maternity store, actually. So when I was pregnant, and same one that was my first customer for Caden lane, and is still my best friend. But she gave me the advice of buying nursing bras to wear during pregnancy because our boobs grow so much. And you don’t really want to go buy all new bras, right? But you have to anticipate the breasts if you’re going to breastfeed too, right. So when you start to buy bigger bras and a lot of the shops will help measure you too, with whether you go in, in store or online. But anticipate boob growth. I mean, it happens like for sure happens when your milk comes in. And I would say it happens majority of time for pregnancy too. But it’s nice, I would always go up a size and to be able to wear your nursing bra for those nine months. And then also for as long as you’re nursing. It’s a nice way to kind of make the penny stretch longer, I think

Casey  27:03  
 oh my gosh, absolutely. Yeah, you already want to buy everything for baby and I never wanted to buy as much for myself. So I had like my essentials like my pillows and my nausea thing but and yeah, it took me a little bit to find the right clothes and the right bras but yeah,

Katy  27:21  
and bras once you find the best ones are life changing. 

Casey  27:25  
Oh yeah.

Katy  27:26  
I need to do like a good nursing bra, right? like the kind where like, it holds in all like your back fat the right way. And it has the perfect amount of coverage. It doesn’t make you feel like a full on grandma, but you’re not spilling out. That would be fun. We should do like a poll with all of our moms like in our VIP group and ask them like, what’s their favorite nursing bras? What’s the best parts of it? Like what are their favorite straps?

Casey  27:51  
And colors too!

Katy  27:53  
I had a really cool nursing bra that transition so it would allow me to pump and then also breastfeed, because if you’re a pumping mom you need that like compression to get hold in the section with your pumps. And it would be cool like to have a nursing bra that even had like an extra, like you know the swaddles that have like the baby wrap that wraps you tighter, but I don’t know. Did you have to hold your, did you pump?

Casey  28:19  
I did yeah.

Katy  28:19  
 Did you have to hold it like on your boob and like, move the cup around to like, get all the like little milk things out? That’s the technical term for that.

Casey  28:29  
I don’t know like not really the flanges?

Katy  28:32  
Yeah. Yeah, no, the flanges is on the breast pump. Milk sacks, like in your boobs? You know how like a bunch of milk sacks? 

Casey  28:42  

Katy  28:43  
 And you didn’t have to like milk each one?

Casey  28:46  
Well, I don’t know. It seems – well back in your day…

Katy  28:49  
Oh my god, back in my day I had to like cow like udders. 

Casey  28:57  
Okay, I still did do that. But um, I mean even like during pregnancy to my milk came in early and so I had like started hand pumping for the colostrom. But I had the the wireless breastpumps

Katy  29:11  
 Yes, I didn’t get that

Casey  29:12  
even then, like you have to position them like just right but yeah, like overall works pretty well. No, you just can’t bend over with them. Otherwise, milk dumps out everyone 

Katy  29:23  
Oh, and then it like makes you cry because it is literally liquid gold when you work so hard to get even like three ounces or one ounce or whatever. And then you spill it or having to like get rid of it when baby’s done. Or your husband leaving it on the counter for too long. Yeah, yeah, poor guys. They get blamed for everything. But they do make most of the mistakes. Um, gosh, I feel like that was I I mean, I started off with my hemorr-. Now the whole world knows I had horrible hemorrhoids for my pregnancy,

Casey  29:56  
 but you fixed them with some tucks.

Katy  29:59  
Tucks and a prescription medication that was like a god send. Yeah. And you don’t have to have vaginal birth to get hemorrhoids. We learned that lesson two or I did. Yeah. Other random we learned about your tailbone. Did you get stretch marks or that linea – what’s the long, long line?

Casey  30:19  

Katy  30:20  
Well, did you start up here? 

Casey  30:22  
No, not all the way up there. But it goes to like, right under my boobs. Yeah, all the way down. But that’s like another thing like we’re talking about the nipples. It helps guide the baby. And –

Katy  30:32  

Casey  30:33  
yeah, because it helps guide the baby like from –

Katy  30:36  
Well  then my kids were lost because I didn’t have a line. 

Casey  30:39  
My armpits got darker too. And that’s another thing like my armpits got darker and I got more BO I had I went through way more deodorant when I was pregnant. 

Katy  30:49  
You sound like you had a rockin pregnancy. 

Casey  30:51  
It was in the summer, too. Of course in Texas, it’s like 100 degrees every day. But uh, no, I guess all of that, like helps the baby like find its way to the food source. And so like, the stronger body odors, and the darker lines, it’s all to help guide them. And I think that’s fascinating.

Katy  31:10  
Our bodies do like the most amazing things.

Casey  31:12  
 I mean, even with like all the modern technology, there’s still like some essentials that your body just knows what to do. just so cool.

Katy  31:20  
I had no line. So my kids were like, where do I go? But I had the huge boobs. I guess that was like,

Casey  31:28  
They didn’t have to look far.

Katy  31:28  
Yeah, here I’m up here. Follow the ginormous moon. There’s no line. 

Casey  31:36  
Dark Side of the Moon. 

Katy  31:37  
Yeah. Okay, well, this is fun. And I’m so happy now that we’ve like told everybody you’re having a baby. What a cool way to like explore this whole thing together. Yeah. All right, till next time. 

Katy  31:52  
[Outrp] That was so fun. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. And I hope you found a little nugget of something helpful in there. If you’re curious about our brand, and what we’ve been up to you can check us out at Kaden Or join us on social where we’ve got several exciting projects that we can’t wait to get to involved in. See you soon.

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