It’s finally time to spend as much of our days outside as we can which means we need to get creative with our play. Today I am sharing 4 outdoor sensory activities for you to do with your kids that all age groups will love.

Mud Pies

Now I think most kids love getting dirty, but if yours don’t this one you might want to skip. Mud pies are a classic outdoor activity that most people have probably done, so you may enjoy this with your kids as well.

Bring out some old kitchen spoons, bowls and baking dishes. Then have your kids collect “toppings” such as rocks, twigs, leaves and weeds. Find a spot where mud is already or bring out some water and make some. Encourage your child to spoon the mud in the dishes and and decorate it. You can even have decorating competitions!

Just like that, you have at least an hour of play, just be prepared to get baths ready after.

Digging For Worms

Now maybe save this one for a nature walk or a park if you don’t want your own yard dug in, or have them help you dig up a flower bed you already needed done, but digging for worms can be a great sensory experience. You will be surprised how excited your kids will be too. Find some shovels that will work well for them and a small bucket, watch them explore the dirt and everything they find in it.

Helping With Outdoor Chores

While this isn’t completely a “sensory” activity, it is teaching your child while they are still having fun. It could be spraying off the deck with a hose, or maybe planting and watering flowers just get them involved. I got my son his own sunflower seeds for him to plant and water himself for his own responsibility, he absolutely loves it!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

This can be SO much fun and a learning experience for young toddlers and preschoolers. You can print out a sheet with all the things you want them to find and search along side them for an afternoon of bonding. It’s also a great time to focus it on where they are at learning wise for example finding an item of each color or two rocks, three twigs, etc.

I hope you find one of these exciting to try with your kids, what are some of your favorite outdoor activities? Drop them in the comments below!

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