Our phones are so much more than just a way to call people these days! Mine is my camera, alarm clock, sound machine, flashlight, and personal assistant! My phone also holds several apps that have been essential throughout all stages of pregnancy and beyond. Here are my top picks for helpful pregnancy and motherhood-related apps:


This app helped my husband and me when we were first planning our family by allowing me to track my period to become more in tune with my cycle and the days that I was fertile. 

The Bump

This app honestly has it all! From tracking a baby’s size to community boards this app offers lots of helpful information for the first time to veteran moms. Honestly, I used this app religiously with my first baby. I still found myself using it with my subsequent pregnancies as a great reference tool if I just couldn’t remember something. The daily baby countdown was always my favorite feature!


This Baby Registry app was so neat and was a game-changer when registering for my most recent bundle of joy! This app helps you register for items across multiple different stores, and sites, and combines them all in one easy-to-access list for your friends and family! I loved that Babylist thinks of things like meals, cleaning services, and other items moms truly need but are hard to capture in a registry. For example, you can customize your CL name blanket and then add it to your Babylist registry so your friend or family member can buy your baby their first precious blanket!

Baby Feed Timer

I remember with my first daughter we had a little sheet of paper we would record her feedings and diapers on, but fast forward to my newest little man and this app helped us keep track of everything digitally right on our phones. Not only does this log all the details from feedings to diapers, but it also allows you to analyze the data. Next time your pediatrician asks you how many poopy diapers the baby has had you will feel like a rock star thanks to this app!

Lovevery (iOS only)

This is a stage-based play and activity app that I love to use to inspire new activities that are developmentally specific for my growing baby. Lovevery has kits that can be purchased, but many things on the app are free ideas and activities that you can do with your baby at home. 

And of course, last but not least; Ovia Health

Ovia is one of the largest and most trusted players in this space. Their tracking apps help moms who are working to get pregnant, expecting, and post-partum.  These daily updates provide real-time advice from health experts, and their app supports an amazing community of over 15 million moms. 

best pregnancy tracker

Do you have any apps that you love for planning, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond? Please share them as it’s always nice to find a new one!

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