Mamas… want to look put together but have no time to do it? I know, I hear you! Some days makeup is the last thing on our minds (and for some mamas it’s not a priority at all, and that’s ok, to each their own!).

But for the days you do want to “put on a face” but don’t have much time to do it, here are some things I personally do that take no time at all and will have you feeling confident to take on the day!

Tinted moisturizer

We’re not going for the full makeup look with foundation and all, but if you want to use it feel free, I just personally find that it takes longer. But I do know that most if not all skin types benefit from lotion or moisturizer of some kind, so put it on queen! The tinted part just adds some color correction if you have some redness.

If you don’t want to use tinted moisturizer, I personally use sunscreen every day on my face and neck, and if my acne isn’t too bad (I’m still mad that adults get acne) I call that good and don’t do anything else.


If you do have some spots you want covered, grab your favorite concealer! Dab it on your problem areas, and let it dry while you do the rest of your makeup. It makes all the difference I promise. I love using Tarte concealer!


Next thing that makes me personally feel put together is brushing out my brows. I also have a clear gel that I brush them with to hold them in place. Takes me under twenty seconds!


A girl’s BFF. Curl those lashes girl and grab your favorite mascara. This is the biggest step in my opinion, but I also have very light, sparse lashes so I need all the help I can get! Pro tip, have you ever used lash primer? It’s a game changer! I find it really helps fluff up those lashes and you don’t have to apply as many coats of mascara unless you want to. Curling, primer and mascara take no time at all!


Last thing I’ll do for a quick makeup look is apply some chapstick. No dry lips here! It can look super cute if you have a tinted chapstick to give your lips some color.

That’s it! If you want to add or subtract any of these steps go for it! We are just aiming for a five minute routine here. Sometimes if I need color I’ll add some blush, and if it’s super hot and I plan on being outside for any length of time I’ll use some setting spray. But that’s about it as far as makeup goes!

What is your easy makeup routine?

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