Stop what you’re doing and order the cutest “Back to School” staple for Baby!

What you may ask could a baby possibly need for back to school?

Definitely not glue or markers, but this personalized Caden Lane bubble/onesie is the perfect back to school accessory for your little one.

Whether they are just going to be snuggling with Mom or heading to their first Mother’s morning out this is the one item you need to order and trust me it will SHIP FAST!

Seriously, here is how quick and easy ordering one of these adorable rompers was:

On July 27, I selected the Denim Short Sleeve Bubble Romper in size 18-24 months and personalized it to say John Brooks.

After I used one of the many Caden Lane promo codes to checkout, I received an email quickly telling me my order was confirmed and would be in production soon.

Later that same day, I received another email communicating to me that my order was in Production.

I loved that this email gave me a timeline of how long it would take to create my son’s customized onesie.

Literally the next day, on Friday July 28 I got an email letting me know my order was complete and my shipment was on it’s way to me.


I was beyond excited because I knew my son’s bubble would arrive just in time for meet the teacher night for his Mother’s Morning Out program.

The next email I got was an email saying it was out for delivery on August 2, which was only 4 business days from the day I purchased it! That has to be a record for a customized item and honestly was faster than some of my Amazon orders lately!

Here’s a photo of my sweet boy in the must have back to school item for babies and toddlers this season!

Got older kids? Caden Lane has you covered with the cutest nickname T-Shirts too.

With as fast as these are created and s

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