If I had a dime for every time someone started a sentence with “You just wait…” when giving me pregnancy or parenting advice…

I found there were always seasoned mothers out there who would almost discredit what I was feeling now because of what I would be feeling in the weeks/months/years to come. For example, if I would say “I’m so tired!” during that exhausting final trimester, it was matched with “Oh just wait until those long newborn nights! You don’t know what tired is yet” or if I said “I can’t wait for my little one to start crawling” there was “You just wait, because once your little one starts to move, they won’t stop.” … “You just wait because if you think this stage is hard, just wait for the ‘terrible twos’” … “You just wait, you’ll never relax again!” … the ‘you just wait’ pieces of advice went on and on. 

affection baby barefoot blur

It was a scare tactic into that next phase of life that, while it worked, it had me always wondering what was around the corner. Never seeming to enjoy this phase of life, because I better “just wait” things will only get worse from here. Why did it seem like people were focusing on these difficult phases of motherhood? What about all of the beautiful chaos that was about to come my way? 

 Sure, there are plenty of harder aspects about those future phases of parenthood, but there are also so many beautiful moments around the corner too, you just wait…

…for that first gummy smile to brighten your day.

There is nothing quite as perfect.

Just wait… for the first adorable giggle or the first heart melting “Mama”

Every tear you have cried as a new mom was all worth it for that moment. You will do anything in your power to hear that giggle again and again.

man in white crew neck t shirt teaching baby how to walk

You just wait… for those first wobbly steps into your arms…

or to hold your little one’s hand and walk around Target together…

for those cozy cuddles on the couch watching a Disney classic.

Motherhood is hard work. I don’t discredit a single challenge you are going through as a first time or even as a veteran Mama. Some days are longer than others. Sometimes you are arguing with a toddler to eat a single chicken nugget, or to keep their hands out of the toilet. Sometimes you watch the clock and count down the minutes to naptime. However, no matter how hard things are now, they are intertwined with countless magical moments…

You just wait… to be wrapped up in those tiny arms after the first day of preschool.

You waited ALL day for that moment!

Just wait… to pick eggshells out of the cake batter because your excited little sous chef just couldn’t wait to help you in the kitchen…

photo of kids playing in kitchen counter top
child in beige hoodie and brown denim jeans standing on dried leaves

or to watch the smile on your little one’s face as they jump into a crisp pile of freshly raked leaves…

You just wait for the heavy eyes to sink in and to hear the sweet whisper of “I Love You Mama” as they drift off to sleep.

photo of child laying on bed

After being pregnant and venturing on this journey of motherhood, I promise to never intimidate another Mama about what the future holds, because there are too many wonderful things about this journey to focus on. I challenge you to do the same – you know about the long newborn nights, you understand those sleep regressions, and the attitude that comes along with a ‘three-nager,’ but you also know the unconditional love and joy you feel towards that tiny human. 

No matter what you are dealing with right now in your motherhood journey, no matter what you are sighing about and saying “ugh I just can’t wait for…” you are going through it, I get it. You are experiencing new challenges that you have never experienced before as a mother. This is hard and overwhelming, but let me tell you something Mama, you just wait…

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