Are you expecting a sweet little baby girl? Maybe you have a mama’s boy on the way? Is your baby’s gender a big surprise that will reveal itself once you give birth? Whether you know the gender or are waiting it out, decorating your baby’s nursery, (while certainly not necessary) is a fun thing to check off the to-do list! Gender neutral colors and soft characters are popular choices when it comes to designing a nursery today (throw in an accent wall and you have yourself a Pinterest worthy nursery!) but the best part about designing your baby’s nursery, is you get to make it your own.


Once you decide if your nursery is going to be heavy on the pinks, the blues or neutrals, pick a theme. Maybe it’s soft florals for your little girl, or rugged outdoorsy for your new little man, could be something more neutral like baby animals or a favorite character of yours (think Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Star Wars, etc…).



Winnie the Pooh


You might not have a particular theme in mind, but maybe there is more of a certain style that fits your home, like rustic or farmhouse, industrial and modern. Start with the style of your home (or the style you are going for), and decide what aspects of that you love and want to incorporate into the nursery. Use your style to accent the theme or colors to really make your baby’s space unique.

Modern Rustic

Vintage Farmhouse

Boho Theme


In addition to theme or style, you can also create a breathtaking nursery by simply going with a color scheme you love – that could be whites and beiges, gray with a pop of navy, blush and cream, the possibilities truly are endless. Create an accent wall with the color of your choosing, draw attention to it by adding your baby’s name, or some simple wall art. Tie the colors together with a throw pillow for your rocker, sheets for the crib, a rug or some small décor pieces on a shelf or wall.




Keep it Simple:

After all of those possibilities, you might decide your nursery will be simple. There won’t be an accent wall or dramatic light fixture, maybe you don’t want the elaborate name sign or wall decor, you just want simple yet sophisticated. In that case, find a crib sheet you love (this can subtly become your “theme”), pair it with some matching wall art (highly recommend printable wall art!) add a personal touch, and there you have it – the perfect nursery to bring your little one home to!

*Don’t forget to grab a second (or third!) crib sheet, in a similar pattern or in a matching solid color, so you have some spares on hand for the inevitable accidents and messes that babies so lovingly create!

Wren’s Wildflower Crib Sheet

Matching Prints

Safari Party Crib Sheet

Matching Prints

Leafy Greenery Crib Sheet

Matching Prints

Figure out all of the essentials you want to include – like a rocking chair, bookshelf, wall shelves, toy storage, crib, etc., find your style or theme, and get decorating Mama! You’ve got what it takes to create a beautiful oasis for you and your newborn.

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