I think every mama knows they need to stock up on all sorts of items to be ready for baby to come home. They’ve gotten recommendations from their fellow mamas and scoured the lists all over the internet to make sure they’re prepared. But most of these lists are going to be baby specific. They’ll remind you to stock up on diapers, wipes, burp cloths and postpartum supplies like pads and dermaplast. These are all great suggestions and you SHOULD stock up on these. But I’ve got a few items that you might not think of that might not be on those lists. They’re not baby essentials per-se but they are things I bet you’ll find yourself reaching for at some point or another once baby arrives and you want to be sure you’ve got them on hand.


All kinds! This is just one of those things that you don’t realize you need until you’re out, am I right? And whether it’s your sound machine running low right before nap time, the special nursery night light going out or a smoke detector beeping at 2am you want to be prepared!

Dry Shampoo

At 10 months postpartum I have finally returned to a more normal hair routine. You know, where it actually gets washed, dried and styled on a semi-regular basis. But I’m going to be real with you and let you know that was not the case for the first few months. I reached for that dry shampoo frequently and was glad to have my favorite brand in full supply! Even if you’re not a huge dry shampoo person now, go ahead and grab a bottle, just in case!

Hair Ties

In the same vein as the dry shampoo, definitely make sure you have plenty of hair ties! I feel like more often than not, I find myself scrounging through my bathroom drawers trying to find a hair tie, or wandering around trying to determine where I left my favorite one. My advice- grab a large pack of your favorite hair ties so you can toss your hair into a famous mom bun whenever you need to! These come in extra handy during baby’s extra grabby phase.

Hand Sanitizer

Even the least germaphobic of moms want people to wash their hands before touching the baby. So you want to make sure you’ve got hand sanitizer all around to make it easy! Grab a few bottles to place around the house so clean hands are always close by! I keep some in the kitchen, the nursery and by my bed too!

Paper Products

You obviously want to make sure you have plenty of paper towels and toilet paper on hand to avoid unnecessary trips to the store. But aside from those staples, I recommend getting some paper plates as well! I don’t advocate for them all of the time because well they’re not great for the environment. But you know who they are great for? The postpartum mama that doesn’t want to do dishes. Give yourself grace when getting back into the meal routine and take a break from the dishes those first few days (or weeks, whatever you need!).

Laundry Detergent

I have always been good about doing laundry pretty regularly to keep it from piling up. And still that couldn’t have prepared me for how much laundry had to be done with a baby. Especially in those first few weeks. Between the spit up, drool, and diaper leaks on his clothes plus the milk leaks, and even more spit up on my own clothes I felt like it was never ending! Be sure you have plenty of laundry detergent AND stain remover! Bonus tip: you do not have to buy special baby detergent. You can use the same detergent for your clothes and theirs! Just make sure it’s a free and clear/gentle one and you’re good to go!

Pet Items

Don’t forget about your fur babies! If you have pets be sure you’ve got plenty of their food, medicines and treats to get you through those first few weeks. It might also be a good time to set a reminder for things like flea/tick or heartworm meds. The things they don’t get often can slip your mind when you’re in the newborn fog.

Self Care Items

This is going to vary for everyone but I highly encourage you to stock up on something YOU love that is for your own self care. Transitioning to motherhood is tough so treat yourself! Maybe that’s a favorite face mask or skincare product. A relaxing bubble bath (to be used after being cleared by your Dr. for baths), a new book or even better, an audiobook subscription (hands free is your new best friend). Maybe it’s a particular snack that you love to indulge in. Whatever it is, have some on hand to encourage yourself and celebrate all the hard work you’re doing as a new mom.

Do you have any other sneaky essentials to share with fellow mamas? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

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