After 10 months, two trips and multiple flights with Baby G, we decided we were ready for some adult-only roaming and tackled our first trip without our daughter. In the weeks leading up to our time away I felt really excited to get away with my husband. I had been feeling run down, and I was beyond ready for a break from the everyday routine of parenting a 10 month old. I was so excited to sleep all night and eat unrushed at amazing restaurants that don’t offer high chairs. Along with the excitement for all of these things, I also felt incredibly nervous and guilty about leaving G.

Hopped on a Plane to ATX

When we got to the airport, I was surprised at how quickly I transitioned out of mom mode. I was able to relax, enjoy meals, have adult conversation with my husband, and be present while we were away. This isn’t to say I didn’t miss my little girl. We Facetimed multiple times a day, and when we weren’t actively doing something I found myself looking at pictures or re-watching videos of G, but overall our first trip away went incredibly well! We ate great food, snagged some last minute tickets to a big college basketball game and enjoyed talking about things other than Baby G.

Final Thoughts

Before this trip I definitely got some comments (some good and some bad) about leaving. It’s important to remember to keep everyone else’s opinions out of your decision to travel without your baby. Some parents may feel ready pretty quickly, while others may not feel comfortable leaving them for quite some time. We left Baby G with grandparents and trusted completely in their ability to hold down the fort, which I am sure helped us feel more comfortable leaving. Before this trip, we had also transitioned to formula- feeding which removed the logistics of pumping the whole time.

If you are thinking about traveling without your baby, here is your sign that it’s not just okay to go, it’s a great idea!

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