Someone once asked me, ‘What is the best part about being a mom?’ and it got me really thinking. What is the best part about being a mom? The answer is different for all of us. Every mother is experiencing her own motherhood journey, and your highs and lows will differ from mine. There is so much I enjoy about being a mom, it is something I always wanted to be and something I am so grateful to be able to do. 

If I had to really narrow it down to one thing I love the most about being a mom, it would be showing my daughter the world. Finding joy in the mundane, and experiencing things all over again, in a new light, with her. 

I love to watch the wonder in my daughter’s eyes when she sees or hears something new. I never thought twice about the dozens of airplanes that fly overhead each day, but now? We stop in our tracks, drop our jaws in excitement and look for the airplane together. I must have used an escalator a hundred times in my life, and I would ride them a hundred more times if I could watch my daughter’s eyes light up when she gets to go on the “moving steps.” There is a special joy in the little things that you don’t get to experience again until you become a mom. 

Your days of overwhelming happiness when you see a playground are gone, but watching your child experience that joy makes your heart smile. My daughter gets excited over the vacuum, a bird flying by, a big truck on the road, a rock she found…I only wish I could experience such delight over the little things. 

Being able to show my daughter a new playground, a perfect leaf I found on the grass, or introducing her to the Easter Bunny all bring me just as much joy as they bring her. There are so many experiences my daughter doesn’t even know exist yet, and I can’t wait to show her. To watch her sun-kissed cheeks at a Spring baseball game, or let her wide eyes take in the view of a local carnival from the top of the Ferris Wheel, each of these new experiences introduces her to this big world we live in one step at a time. 

There is a whole new meaning to the phrase “enjoy the little things” when you have a little one of your own. As quickly as the days fly by, my daughter forces me to also slow down and just take in life’s simple pleasures. A lesson I didn’t know I needed to learn until I became a mom. I am experiencing life from a completely different point of view these days, and it couldn’t be sweeter.

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