Seriously who wasn’t obsessed with this show just a few years ago! I honestly remember being excited every Sunday night for the new episode! Honestly now that it’s not on everyone’s mind all the time it’s a great time to get inspiration from the show and make use of the strong character names from this show! Here are 10 girl and 10 boy names inspired by the show!

GOT Inspired Girl Names


The spelling on all the names that are GOT inspired may be my most favorite part! I love the use of “y” to make a name extra girly!


I honestly believe there was a spike in the popularity of this name because of GOT and rightfully so because it is just as beautiful as the actress and character!


This name is strong just like the character and likely any little girl with this name!


Putting the much unlovable character aside, this name makes me think of a “Sercy”, which is a traditional unexpected southern gift so this name would be perfect for a much loved, but unexpected joy of a baby girl’s arrival!


I love the untraditionalness of this short and spunky name!


This is my favorite name on this list and it would be cute if you popped a “y” in there somewhere like Bryenne too!


Again, my obsession with “y’s” continues, but honestly it takes a traditional name like Lisa and just makes it exotic and unique!


This name is actually used for two characters in GOT making it doubly lovely!


This name means “of the sea” which makes me love it just a bit more!

GOT Inspired Boy Names


A leading name for the little boy in your life just like the lead character!


I love using last names as first names and this one is just so fitting!


Again, I love the nicknames that would come from such a lengthy last name turned first name. Lanny, Lan or anything in between.


John, but with a shorter spelling and this name would always remind you of the dreamy Jon Snow!


This would be a great name for a sneaky little lad!


A little boy with this name might be just as funny and witty as his namesake character!


This one is my favorite on this list and I love that you could do Gray or Grey for a boy!


Putting the character association aside for this one the name alone is super cute for a boy!


Strong name for a little boy who is bound to grow up to be tough!


Again the addition of a “y” to simple names just make them so unique and I love this addition on the traditional Peter!

Unique Names Meet a Unique Gift!

Hopefully this fantastical list of names from Game of Thrones will help anyone struggling to come up with truly unique and out of this world names!

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