With so many baby items out there it can be so hard to decide what you really need, especially if you plan to have 2 or 3 close in age. When deciding what to purchase with my second baby I knew I wanted to keep things practical and simple while finding use for both kids as much as I could. Heres my list of go to products for kids close in age, these would make great baby shower gifts too!

Hatch Sound Machine

A sound machine can be used through out your kids whole childhood, I’ve had one in my room for my kids for so long I now need it to sleep too. Hatch allows you to add multiple sound machines to the app on your phone so you can control them from anywhere for both kids, it’s a game changer when getting multiple kids to bed and waking up in the morning. I also love that it’s not just sound and can also be used as a light for middle of the night diaper changes.

Infant Optics Baby Monitor

While the photo quality isn’t amazing, I absolutely love that the Infant Optics Monitor is WiFi free and allows multiple cameras on one monitor. I also love that it has an actual monitor instead of being attached to your phone so I can still use my phone and see both of my boys while they rest.

Baby Tula Free to Grow Carrier

This is the best carrier I have ever tried and it actually works for both of my kids. With my first, I didn’t feel the need to use a carrier much but this time it is essential. The Tula allows me to carry my newborn around the house during the day but also has the capability to allow my husband to carry my toddler on his back for long outings. We absolutely love this product.

Graco Ready2Grow 2.0 Stroller

I cant recommend this stroller enough to all moms with kids close in age, especially if you have tall kids like I do. The top seat detaches and you can either attach your Graco car seat or it has a bench seat for older/taller kids that no longer fit in a seat. It also has a back board for a child to stand on if they prefer that while the younger child can still sit in the front seat. This stroller was one of the more unique options while being so affordable. We love this way more than our wagon.

High Quality Clothing

High quality clothing might be my biggest recommendation if you plan to have kids close in age. I find that I buy my oldest son nice things like Caden Lane pajamas and then they will not only last him longer, I can save them for my younger boy. This wasn’t something I really started to invest in until I was pregnant with my second but I really wish I would have much sooner. It saves so much money in the long run.

Those are most used items that I use for both of my boys daily. If you have multiple young kids, what are some items you find yourself reaching for daily?

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