Before we go any further I want to clearly say I know that everyone’s finances are different. I am not advocating living outside of your means or spending a lot on things that aren’t essential. I just want to take a minute to emphasize that as moms we have a lot to juggle, its okay to spend money on things that will make your life easier. Here is what my husband and I make fit into our budget so that we both are more loving partners to each other and happier parents to Baby G. Let’s proceed!

Grocery Delivery:

Have you ever tallied up how long even a quick run to the grocery store takes? It is a LOT of time. There are days (though few and far between) where a solo trip to casually browse the store is welcomed, but 95% of the time we use our Walmart+ subscription for free delivery. Bonus: using a delivery service and being able to see your total in your cart can help you stick to a grocery budget!

Fitness Programming:

I have three degrees in Exercise Science and I still prefer to pay someone to create workouts for me. When I have time for a workout, what I don’t want is to spend 10 minutes of that time trying to decide what to do. Whether its Peloton, a fitness app or membership for a favorite group class, I find having a go-to workout accessible quickly is worth every penny.

Cleaning Service:

My husband and I both work full time and free time is precious. We used to argue every month about the state of our house and how to tackle cleaning. We finally decided neither of us should have to spend our weekends scrubbing the floor so we made room in the budget for a monthly cleaner and haven’t argued about it since. Money well spent!


We LOVE exploring new places and taking time to rest and recharge. We work hard to set aside some funds for travel that we won’t feel bad about spending on a family getaway.


Alas, one hobby from my pre-pregnancy life that has managed to survive. Motherhood does not mean martyrdom, so when I spend $10 or so on a new book I’m excited about reading, I don’t feel bad about it.

What are some other things you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

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