It’s PSL Season, but here are a few of my go to drink options that aren’t so BASIC, plus some hot picks that your littles are sure to love!

Iced, but with Spice

I live in the South and even though the calendar says it’s Fall it doesn’t mean the temperature feels anything like Fall. For those days, I love sipping on:

Iced Coffee + 2 Pumps of Pumpkin + Skim Milk

Trust me it’s the perfect hint of Fall even when it’s still 90 outside!

Sniffles Be Gone

If you’re like me by this point of the year, your littles are bringing home all the daycare or school germs. If you’re feeling a bit sick try this go-to, the Medicine Ball at Starbucks. I like to actually keep the items to make one homemade at home in a pinch so here’s what you’ll need:

  • Mint Tea (I like the Tazo kind)
  • Peach Tea (I like the Tazo kind)
  • Lemonade (Steamed super Hot!)
  • Honey (Local is my recommendation)

Apple Crisp Latte

If you’re not a huge pumpkin fan, then I recommend trying an Apple Crisp Latte! I opt for skim milk with this drink, but if your coffee shop doesn’t have this option keep it simple with vanilla, but add a hint of cinnamon for a Fall vibe!

Best Toddler and Kid Picks

When we make a coffee run, my kids are alwaysrocking their jammies! These are our hands down favorite ones for this season! Love my cutie pies rocking the pumpkin pie jams!

While I get my caffeine fix, I also like to get my littles something special to sip too. My little guy loves getting a fancy chocolate milk at any coffee shop we visit. While, my older girls enjoy a kids Hot Cocoa or steamed Apple Juice.

If you’re at a Starbucks, I have had huge success getting my kids to eat the Peter Rabbit pouches, they love the blueberry oatmeal, and the Protein Box is also a hit if they’re hungry!

Hope I’ve inspired you with some new Fall drink ideas and that your coffee is strong enough to get you to naptime!

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