Let me set the scene, I’m waiting for my Grande iced coffee at the Starbucks within our local Target  with my littlest baby snuggled up against my chest in his baby carrier. I’m relishing the peacefulness as my husband is home with our other 3 cuties, when a cute young couple comes up to ask what type of baby carrier I am using and whether I have any recommendations as they are working on their baby registry. I jokingly ask if they want the cliff notes version or if they have time to hear all my favorites because with four kids I have practically become a baby carrier expert.

 In all seriousness though, I do have a passion for sharing my experience with baby carriers and baby wearing since I view them as essential to keeping baby close and happy while caring for other children or enjoying a hands free moment. So here are my top picks and details about why I love them and when I use them.

Newborn Days

For the Newborn days my recommendation is something soft for you and baby. In the newborn days it also needs to be easy to put on quickly. With my first daughter, I loved how quick the Bibetts ring sling was to put on. She loved this position and I loved that I could keep her close while still accomplishing a few tasks with my hands free. Fast forward to the early days with my fourth baby and the Ergo Embrace was ideal for keeping little man close while we navigated Disney with his big sisters. Seriously, the Ergo Embrace allowed me to keep him close while riding Dumbo!


Other Reasons to Love:

  • Easy to wash
  • Lots of Color Options
  • Prefer to wear around the House

 Ergo Embrace

Other Reasons to Love

  • Quick to put on
  • Soft for Baby and Mommy
  • Prefer to wear when we are on the go

3 Months and Beyond

Now that my little man is three months old, I’ve found that we both need a bit more support from a baby carrier. So I’ve pulled out my OG baby carrier the Ergo 360. Whether it’s a shopping trip or hike the Ergo 360 is my go to. My babies have all loved to be close to me, while still being able to face outward. Facing outward allows them to really take it all in. The Ergo 360 is so fast to snap on and gives us both freedom. 

 The other carrier I use these days is the Solly Baby Wrap. I will admit this one has a learning curve, but once you master the tying (I recommend YouTube videos) I think the versatility and seamless look of this one is truly unique. I recommend the Solly Baby Wrap to friends and family as the snuggliest (yes that needs to be a word) option with so many beautiful color and fabric options.

Ergo 360

  • Love that baby can face in or out
  • Great for everyday
  • Most supportive

Solly Baby Wrap

  • Beautiful and extra snuggly
  • Has a learning curve, but very versatile
  • Packs very small in diaper bag

Honestly there are so many wonderful baby carrier options on the market today, which is wonderful because baby wearing makes for happy babies and happy mamas! I truly hope these recommendations help new moms/couples like the one who approached me at Target or even veteran Mom’s find the baby carrier that best fits their baby and their needs. Keep in mind finding a carrier that supports you and your baby in a safe way is the top priority! 

Also here’s my pro-tip, if you want to try a carrier without the investment, search your local buy, sell, trade on FB Marketplace for used options that will allow you to try a new carrier for a fraction of the investment! 

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