A travel system is a stroller and car seat combination that are typically purchased together (although not always as you’ll see). With a travel system, the car seat snaps right into the stroller when moving in and out of the car. Once your baby outgrows the first infant car seat travel systems include, they are able to continue to use the stroller’s regular seat.

I am incredibly type A and every baby purchase we made was done after a lot of research. When picking a travel system for our first baby I really wanted something that felt a little luxe, but was also affordable and could continue to grow with our family. I ended up settling on the Nuna Pipa Lite Rx car seat paired with the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller.

Car seat:

While the price of the Nuna car seat was a hard pill to swallow, we ultimately knew having something super lightweight was important. This car seat is a little over 6 pounds and can be used with or without a base. This was also a must-have feature as we’ll be flying several times in the first year with our baby and we didn’t want to stress about having to pack bases for rental cars. The built-in Skydrape is also great for keeping babies sleeping when on the go, and keeps prying eyes (and germs) further away when running errands.


We decided to purchase the Mockingbird stoller after a ton of research. I love that this stroller can be paired with almost any car seat with the purchase of an affordable adapter. The stroller can also be configured forward or rear facing. Additionally, this stroller converts to a double stroller, and then can be used with a riding board for families with 3 kiddos. This will save us from needing to purchase another spendy double stroller in the future if our family grows.

The tires on this stroller provide a smooth ride and the stroller has a huge storage basket. There are also so many great accessories that can be purchased with this stroller (snack trays, cup holders, rain shields, etc.). Lastly, this stroller looks and feels more expensive than it is, making me feel just a bit fancy!

When deciding on larger baby purchases, I found that a simple pros and cons list can be incredibly helpful! We also used this Baby Bargains Book to compare our options for many products! I also love shopping here– they offer a great rewards program which is fabulous for larger purchases! 

What travel system has worked well for your family? Drop what system you use and why you love it in the comments!

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