How exciting! Your little one is now ready for a highchair! I know that there are so many chair options out there that it can be quite overwhelming. To help you narrow down your search, I’d like to share 5 of the Favorite Highchairs of 2022!

1. Clip-on highchair

This one is currently my personal favorite. It takes up very little space and it is easy to take on the go. When I was choosing which one to purchase for our Lola, I searched many different websites for the reviews and found that the Inglesina Fast Table Chair seemed to have some of the best reviews and it was easy to purchase right off of Amazon! ($80)

2. Simple highchair

Trust me, I get it. Sometimes you just want something inexpensive, reliable, and clean. The ANTILOP Highschair from IKEA is easy to clean and has a sleek white look. I also like the wood bamboo foot attachment that you can buy separately for it. ($30)

3. Convertible highchair

Another way to be sure that you get your bang for your buck is to choose a convertible highchair that will grow with your child. The Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair has been a favorite since the 70s! It is stylish with its retro Scandinavian flair, durable, and lasts for years! It even unfolds into a full sized chair! ($300)

4. Swivel highchair

I know some of you swivel-chair lovers would also love for a highchair to be able to swivel as well! Well, I know just the one for you! TheMunchkin 360 Cloud Baby Highchair is perfect for interacting with your baby from all angles and is also one of the sleekest designs I have seen! It has a clear seat that is, obviously, very cool to look at but also incredibly easy to clean! ($200)

5. Foldable highchair

There are so many highchairs that are foldable but one that interests me is the Graco Slim Snacker Ultra Compact Highchair. Those who have tried it claim that it is easy to unfold with ONE HAND! That is super helpful when your hand is full or if you are holding your child! Its lightweight and easy-to-fold frame makes it perfect for small spaces and apartment dwellers! ($80)

I am hopeful that sharing these 5 favorite highchairs of the year will assist you in your search and help you envision the space and atmosphere that you will be feeding your little one in – helping them grow!

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