On those days that seem to move slower, finding new ways to create and keep us productive can feel a bit harder. This week we tried a new way to paint by using marbles and the outcome was so fun!

This whole craft cost less than $5 total and you can find everything you need at the dollar store. I’m a dollar store kind of girl, so anything we use for new activities comes from there. 

First, you need to get the basic supplies. You’ll just need marbles, card stock, paint and a container to roll the marbles in. For the container, I just grabbed a disposable baking pan and it worked perfectly.

  • First, set your card stock (or whatever paper you have in hand) in the container and place dots of paint either all over the paper or right at the top.
child preparing craft
  • Next, get those marbles in there and have your little one pick up the container and start tilting it to push the paint around.
  • We used this as a good way to learn our left from our right. I would call out which side to turn it to and when they did the marbles would fly across the paper and create new patterns.
child painting

Another cool part about this craft is being able to see how colors change when they mix together. It gives you the opportunity to teach your little one about what colors mix into what other colors!

children painting

This activity has a lot of flexibility and you can pull some great little conversations from it. The kids pure excitement to make a mess (that you don’t have to clean!) was worth trying this out!

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