Recently I came across two amazing ways to bring the fun at bath time!

Best part they are companies owned by Mother’s who get just how special and exhausting bath time with littles can be!

You see, bath time is one of my favorite times of the day because my kids ever since they were teeny tiny have loved it so much too. Did you know there is a bath subscription box called Bubbles and Joy that will help you bring clean, fun to bath time and it even includes curated playlists!

Our family received the Pet Party Bubbles and Joy box and it was a HIT!

This box came with the following:

  • A water color bath book featuring animals and two paint brushes
  • Yellow water activated light up sensory cubes
  • The cutest rubber puppy dog
  • Dabble and Dollop Honeydew bath gel

My daughter immediately loved the little doggie who she named him “Nemo.” After playing with Nemo in the tub she even wanted to sleep with him. While we let the bathtub fill up I pulled up the Spotify play list that had party tunes for our pet themed bath party!

My oldest girls loved the yellow water activated cubes the most and they asked that I dim the lights in the bathroom so they could see the full glow affect.

They also each took turns painting a page out of the water color book, which they now enjoy playing with both in and out of the bath tub!

Finally, I feel in love with the Dabble and Dollop bath gel, which made the entire bathroom smell amazing!

In fact, I loved Dabble and Dollop so much that when our first container ran out I immediately restocked with their Beach Day box!

Their Beach Day box comes with three scents, Honeydew, Coconut, and Vanilla Whip! These are all lovely, but what makes these clean ingredient bath gel and foams the best is the tiny mixing bowl that allowed my girls to mix and match their own scents.

My girls loved pretending to mix smoothies during bath time while I enjoyed my mid morning cup of coffee in peace! Pro tip: be sure to order extra tiny mixing bowls if you have more than one kiddo because they will each need their own!

Happy Bath Time!

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