One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is planning your baby shower and choosing an adorable theme. A baby shower is such a great way to celebrate your sweet baby-to-be. Whether you’re planning for a little boy or a little girl, a childhood snack can be turned into a fun baby shower theme- Clementine oranges, also known as cuties! There is so much you can do with this theme! From yummy snacks to the cutest décor, oranges offer so much to this gender neutral baby shower theme.


One of my absolute favorite decorations that always adds some whimsy to a party is a balloon arch! They are so easy to put together, especially if you can find a kit that fits your theme. It’s super easy to make a balloon arch to fit the little cutie theme! Just choose some orange balloons (of varying hues and sizes) and put them together using a balloon arch strip. Then, once your arch is filled with balloons, use green paper and cut out leaves to attach to the balloons. Voila! Now you have little oranges for a balloon arch.

This one is available here!

Food and Drinks:

There is no shortage of ideas for orange flavored food and drinks. One of my favorite ideas for any baby shower fits perfectly into the little cutie theme. Put out bottles of orange juice, champagne, and of course sparkling cider for the mama to be! Call it the mom-osa bar and you have the perfect drink station. Add freshly sliced fruit (including orange slices, of course!) to the drinks for an extra splash of fun. 

Everybody loves cake pops! When you coat them in orange frosting, they turn out looking just like cuties. You can tie a small piece of green ribbon around the base of the cake pop or use paper to make little leaves that attach to the stick. It’s the perfect dessert for everyone to enjoy.

Or if baking isn’t your thing, have someone else do it for it! Like this seller on etsy!


No baby shower is complete without some fun games for your guests to play. One of my personal favorite games is the guessing game where you fill a jar with small items and have guests make their best guess on how many items are inside! You could do this with a large jar and put actual Clementine oranges inside, or a smaller jar would be perfect for orange slice candies!

Printed out games are a staple of baby showers. There’s so many cute ones you can easily find online, like “Guess Baby’s Birth Stats,” or “Guess the Nursery Rhyme.” Make them fit your theme by ordering some with a floral and orange border!

We made this one for you! Feel free to save it!

Orange you glad you heard about this idea? Let us know in the comments if you’ve thrown or are planning a cutie themed baby shower!

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