Halloween is just around the corner and hopefully, you have your family costumes in the closet ready to go!

But if you don’t, don’t panic! I’ve got the perfect costume for your family. It can be made quickly with things you probably already have on hand and it uses real clothes so it’s comfortable for anyone.

You and your whole family can be white Starbucks coffee cups! 

There are a few different ways to achieve this costume look depending on your time, skill set, and product availability. It was so easy that I started making one for a friend’s baby girl and ended up making this costume for the whole family! I have no chill. 

Family Costume Idea - white coffee cups

What you will need:

Family costume materials - white shirt, decals, felt
  1. A white shirt
  2. A logo decal – Options below
  3. An order box decal – Options below
  4. Brown felt
  5. Velcro

The Logo Decal

decal for family costume

I chose to copy and trace this logo in my Silhouette program and cut it on heat transfer vinyl (HTV). 

Most craft stores carry iron-on printer paper that will not last as long as HTV when washed but will give a crisp look that is good enough for a last-minute DIY costume. Remember, Halloween is only one night!

If you are choosing to do the cup collar, (which is super cute on a baby!) you could take the super easy route and print this logo on regular paper then attach it to the felt collar using a hot glue gun or safety pin. 

The Order-box Decal

white coffee cup for family costume idea

I could not find a clean image of this part of the cup to trace so I created it from scratch using my Silhouette program. I used the font Arial for the order and Freight for the Starbucks on the side. You could akso design it in a free studio such as Canva and print it.

Again, you can use some iron-on printer paper if you don’t have a die-cut machine. 

If you have a steady hand and do not mind the homemade look (which has a lot of charm at Halloween!) you could recreate this design using a Sharpie. 

The Collar

brown felt made into a cup collar with logo ironed on

The cup collar is completely optional for getting the idea of this costume across but it does add to the effect and it is super cute on a baby! For the adults using this costume, I ironed the green logo decal onto the back of the shirt and skipped the collar. For the children, I ironed the logo on the felt collar but, as I said, you could pin the logo on as well.

I cut my piece of felt into three even strips and sewed them together to make a piece long enough to wrap around their belly. If you do not have a sewing machine, this could be done with glue (hot glue is my preference because it dries quickly) or even safety pins. Keep in mind this only needs to last one night! 

I chose to use velcro so the collar can be easily removed and reused for other Halloween events but you could also pin the collar in place.

Really it’s about how much time you have, what your skill set is, and what tools you have on hand. Halloween is when the Homemade truly shines! 

The finished product

family costume idea - white shirts make to look like Starbucks coffee cups

Use your own handwriting to add a name and a customized order to your “cup.” This part can be super fun and creative. Our babies have Boob as their milk preference and my husband’s drink of choice is Blonde. See what I did there? *wink wink* 

Now you’re ready to win Halloween with this fun family costume idea!

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