Minimal screen time has been a huge benefit for my family but sometimes I can just run out of ideas to entertain my boy through out the day as a stay at home mom. Today I want to share all the things we typically do in a day to stay busy. Hopefully this will give you some ideas if you are looking to begin a more screen free routine with your little ones too.


Growing a love for creativity in your child young will benefit them so much through out life. I began introducing crafts as soon as my baby could sit up and its one of our favorite things to do with our day. We do at least one art activity a day, sometimes two. Heres some of our favorites for some ideas.

  • Coloring Book and Crayons
  • Mess Free Marker Sheets
  • Watercolor Painting
  • Finger Painting
  • Toddler Practice Scissors and Glue Sticks
  • Play Doh


Reading has always been hugely important in our daily routine but I found my son had less interest when he was consuming more tv. Since reducing our tv time we began doing three set story times a day and if he asked to read anything else through out the day we of course do that too. I purchase a lot of educational based books so I’m teaching him while we read but we also love the classics. Here are some of our favorite stories.

  • Little Blue Truck Series
  • Any Educational Flip Books
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  • Clifford The Big Red Dog
  • Mrs. Peanuckles Alphabet Books

Early Pre K Learning

When my son turned two I began early preschool activities and cutting down on screen time really encouraged his excitement for it. Beginning these skills early will not only give your kids a huge love for learning it will keep them on track – especially if you plan to homeschool like we do. Here is some of our favorite learning activities.

  • Flash Cards
  • Age Appropriate Workbooks
  • Puzzles
  • Reviewing Previously Learned Things ( Animal Sounds, Numbers, Letters)


Music is an incredible replacement for screen time, and sometimes we use it as our screen time for the day if we turn on specific songs that have videos to go with them. You can also just use your phone, any household speaker you have or purchase a child story and music player like the Tonies Box or Yoto Player. We personally bought our son the Yoto Player that offers tons of music cards but also audio books and learning lessons. I can not recommend it enough.


You can always find hours of fun outside and It is probably the easiest way to keep your kids from the screens. No matter the weather, your kids are bound to enjoy it. Run in the rain, build a snowman, take sensory play outside or break out the chalk and bubbles. Outdoor play will always have so much to offer.

Sensory Play

If I could encourage parents to do anything with their kids it would be sensory play. Little ones are learning, playing and exploring their senses while enjoying sensory play. As long as you are prepared for a bit of a mess with most bins, you and your child can both enjoy sensory play together for as long as you feel it has their attention.

Independent Play

Independent play is when your child really has the ability to use their mind and creativity. Independence can be hard for some as they will get bored more easy but work them up to it slowly and watch them grow. You won’t regret, not only will you have time to complete your tasks during this time but they will learn to love it and invite you into whatever their imagination has built.

Tell us some of the ways you keep your little ones entertained through out the day in the comments below and make sure you share this article with your friends that are trying to focus on minimal screen time as well!

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