Creating your little one’s nursery can be so fun, from picking out a theme, to buying all of the décor, and finalizing the furniture pieces you’ll need. IKEA is one of the top retailers on the market for furniture, and might be a good option for you when you’re ready to start shopping. Here is a list of some IKEA pieces that work in a nursery:


Simple and sleek this crib offers your baby a safe place to sleep. I love the clean look of this crib, and the compact style. This would fit nicely into whatever theme you are going with, and would accent well with any crib sheet.


This is a changing table that grows with your baby, and offers plenty of storage. I love this piece because not only is it a changing table, but once the diaper phase is over, the top can flip up and it becomes a display shelf for your little one’s toys or books.


Another sleek and very functional piece for your nursery! This bookshelf/storage shelf offers plenty of room for all of those books and toys you have stocked for your baby. I love the hidden drawer storage, this would be perfect for the overflowing stuffed animal collection you may (most likely will) accumulate.


Consider a few factors when it comes to a staple storage piece- how much room are you working with? What exactly are you looking to store and where? I like these options because they are practical and will work well in almost any room. The clean white color also fits nicely into many décor styles. Throw some baskets in the Smagoera shelf and you have easy storage for burp cloths, wipes, swaddles, etc. If you are short on closet space the Uppfoera wardrobe is a nice option because it offers plenty of space for those baby items, but isn’t a huge eye sore.


This minimalist rocking chair takes up little space, but would be a perfect spot to soak up all of those baby cuddles. One of their most popular rocking chair designs, IKEA also offers this style in a children’s options, so when the time comes, you and your little one can rock the days away together.


IKEA offers a few options for baby gyms, most of which are not only practical but very affordable. Babies love to observe and take in the world around them, so a good baby gym certainly will not go to waste! I love the bold colors and aesthetic of these gyms, they look like something any baby will enjoy playing with.


When planning out your nursery, look around and take advantage of all of the space you have, including the walls. This wall shelf offers a spot to keep items you might want out, but also out of reach, like a sound machine or a diffuser. The hooks underneath create an accessible spot for jackets or coats, or even to set up the day’s outfit before getting dressed.


A night light to some degree seems like a necessity in those first few months. You don’t want to battle a completely dark room, while also running on limited sleep, when you go in for those night feedings.

While IKEA does have some great larger furniture options, they also have a nice selection of smaller accessories, like nightlights, that may have not originally crossed your mind. IKEA also offers a variety of toys and baby accessories that may be useful to you as well. Happy shopping!

And finally, I’ll sign off this by sharing this beautifully organized nursery inspiration from the mom blog, Hello Jessen 😍.

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