Let’s face it, designing a nursery can be hard. I mean, how can you just pick one theme when there are hundreds of options to choose from? Here are some things to consider as you choose a nursery theme to bring your little bundle of joy home to.

1. Pick your color scheme first

If you’re struggling to nail down a particular theme for the nursery, first start by brainstorming some of your favorite colors or some colors you naturally gravitate towards. These could be neutrals, blacks and whites, warm tones or cool tones. You may choose to stick to the traditional blues and pinks depending on the gender of your baby or you may choose another color palette altogether! Once you’ve picked a color scheme, you can start to brainstorm nursery themes that fit within your chosen palette.

2. Research nursery ideas

You have your color scheme chosen and now it’s time to start brainstorming ideas! Head over to Pinterest and search for nursery themes in your chosen color(s). Pinterest has so many creative nursery ideas and it is a great way to find things that you may have never thought of before. Typically, people will also link the products they use in the Pin, so if you find a theme you like you can usually shop straight from the pin as well. You can also do a Google search or look around on Etsy for other nursery items like bedding, décor, and furniture that fit the color theme you choose.

3. Stay true to yourself

If you’re still struggling to find a theme, try going with a classic theme like teddy bears, safari animals, sports, or your favorite childhood movie characters. You can also brainstorm things you’re interested in and start thinking of some ideas around that. If you’re planning to use any decor pieces for the room that you already have, such as photos, art, furniture, etc., be sure to keep that in mind as you’re choosing a nursery theme because that can set the mood for the whole room right off the bat!

4. Finalize the room

Once you’ve got your room textiles chosen, choose a paint color and wall décor that matches your theme. It is a lot easier to match your wall color to your items instead of your items to your wall color, so start first with textiles and accents and work towards the more permanent features of the room.

Above all else, remember that a baby’s nursery is a reflection of the awesome parents that are going to be raising them. You will be spending a great deal of time in this room, so make it a place of happiness and love. If the nursery makes you happy to spend time in, your little one is sure to feel the same way. Hopefully these tips helped you feel more prepared to create a room you will fill with love and memories for years to come.

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