You have finally reached the point of packing your bag as the time gets closer and then you realize you have no idea where to begin. I’ve got you covered! Today I’ll be sharing my hospital bag must haves from a mama who just had her second baby. I had a natural birth with my first and a c section with my second so I can tell you exactly what was useful for both birth situations.

Let’s start with the few items to bring for the baby. You won’t need much for them in most hospitals but definitely check with your doctor to see what your hospital provides.

Hospital Bag Must Haves For Baby:

Tons of Sleepers

Both of my babies went through a ton of sleepers in the first few days, something about diaper changes were just messy. I thought my second time around I had brought enough and I still went through them all. When you think you packed enough, grab two more.

Sound Machine

I did not bring this with my first and it was fine, definitely not super needed but I suggest getting them as used to what will be closest to their at home life as possible right away. I knew we would have a sound machine in my sons room so I brought a portable one with and used it when going to bed for the night right away from day one to help regulate days and nights.

Birth Announcement Items

Whatever items you will need to take birth photos make sure you pack, I bought a custom sign and a matching swaddle set from Caden Lane.

Preferred Baby Hygiene Items

If you don’t want your babies first bath to be with whatever the hospital provides, make sure to bring your bath items for the baby.

Preferred Swaddles

I knew I would not be using swaddle blankets so I didn’t want my baby to get use to them right after birth and I brought my Love to Dream Swaddle Ups with me, whatever you plan to use at home I would definitely pack.

Going Home Outfit

This is always such a special moment so take some time to figure out what you want babies going home outfit to be. With my second baby we did matching going home outfits and I loved it.

Preferred Pacifiers/Bottles If You Are Using Them

Now if you don’t plan to at all use these items you may not need them but both of babies ended up needing either the pacifier or the bottle for different reasons so I was glad I brought the ones I had at home so they weren’t used to something else by the time we got to go home.

Baby Book

Make sure if you plan to use a baby book that you bring it with, you will have the most memory of your brith experience right after it happens so bring it with to get it all written down. Plus you will be able to get hand and foot prints done while you are there.

Hospital Bag Must Haves For Mama:

Night Gowns

I LOVED night gowns for the hospital with my first birth and that was my biggest regret not bringing them with my second. It’s easy to nurse in, comfortable and easy to use the restroom in. HIGHLY recommend getting a few to bring and you will love them postpartum too.

Hygiene Products

Whatever your basic hygiene products are, make sure you bring them with you. I brought cheap tooth brushes that I could pack ahead of time and travel size items of all of my daily things.

Preferred Feminine Products

Most hospitals provide you with whatever you will need during your stay but if you have preferred items for your own ease and comfort make sure you bring those. I brought women’s depends instead of the mesh hospital underwear and I was a lot more comfortable.

Going Home Outfit

Something comfortable to wear home but maybe a little cuter than what you wore around the hospital if you plan to take photos before you go or as you leave. Make sure its going to fit as well. I brought the same clothes I would have worn before delivery because you will more than likely still look pregnant right after delivery.


Labor can be a very long process, if you get an epidural you will probably be waiting around for a while. Bringing your own entertainment is a huge recommendation, whether that’s a book, a computer or even just an extra long charger for your phone, have something. Even after you deliver, when baby isn’t eating they will be asleep so you will end up bored with out something.


You will want your own comfort items just to feel more relaxed and get better rest during and after labor. Having a c section this time I was extra happy to have my own things to snuggle up with after.

Fuzzy Socks/Slippers

Hospital floors are definitely not clean, you will want something on your feet when you get up. I brought fuzzy grip socks and slippers so I had either option. I kept the socks on the whole time because most rooms are cold as well and slipped on the slippers if I got up.


This one was hugely important to me. I don’t know if all hospital food is bad or just mine but I knew the second time around I did not want to eat it. Plus breastfeeding and postpartum make you extremely hungry so pack all your favorites in your hospital bag that you can have by your bed.

Personal Fan/Spray Bottle

These are a labor favorite for me and wouldn’t be needed if you have a planned c section but I brought them to both of my births. When contractions get intense I loved both of these to cool down. My fan also had a little stand so I could set it up while pushing.

That is it for my personal recommendations for your hospital bag, I do prefer to keep it as minimal as possible so I won’t lose anything or have a bunch of extra things crowding the space. Drop in the comments below your most used items you packed in your hospital bag to give all the soon to be mamas some more ideas!

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