It amazes me how many different styles of holiday decorations exist, from buffalo plaid to Vintage Santa, to bright ‘Grinch’ inspired decor to all the reds/greens/golds. It is all so beautiful and I find myself constantly second guessing my decor style, because there are so many options out there! Rather than buying all of your decor pieces, and having to “settle” for whatever Target has in stock, try making your own holiday decor this year. By DIY-ing your decorations, you can create exactly what you are looking for, using the colors you want, to create the vibe you want. 

With all that being said…browse this list and feel inspired, but put your own creative spin on whatever you decide to make. Decorate your home and take some pride in your crafting skills! This list will offer some ideas that are a great starting off point, but you are only limited by your own creativity and imagination.

Faux Gingerbread Garland

I love the look of garland around the holidays, it brings dimension and a pop of festive joy to any room. These gingerbread men are so cute, and by using foam instead of real cookies – you can keep this garland up all season long! This would look great in the kitchen somewhere, or maybe hung across the top of a doorway entrance.

If you wanted to really customize the decor, aside from creating any shapes you wanted, you can use any colors you want as well. Maybe you only want circles and stars for your garland, and you prefer gold and green instead of brown, make it work for you!

Pinecone & Cranberry Garland

Again, garland adds an extra special touch of holiday cheer to your home and also always looks so beautiful wrapped around a staircase. There are a few ideas out there using dried fruit and cinnamon sticks to create a beautiful smelling garland. If that interests you, take a look online to find some ideas of what to combine to create the most festive smelling garland. I like the look of the pinecone & cranberry combination, it’s rustic but festive. Feel free to use fake cranberries, or add a pop of color to the pinecones, create something you love!

Fishbowl Snowman

You have full creative control here, of how big you want to make this snowman and how exactly you decorate the inside of each bowl. I think this looks so adorable, and would work in the corner of a room somewhere, but if you are worried about pets and little ones, putting this higher up on a counter or mantle would work too! Have your little ones help you decide what to include inside the snowman, you can get the whole family involved in making this.

Snowy Mason Jar Candle Holders

There is something so cozy about watching a candle flicker inside a festive jar during the holidays. There are so many tutorials of ‘mason jar candle holders’ out there, you are sure to find one that works, and if not – create one that works! I like the look of this snowy jar because it is neutral enough to accent any decor style or room, but yet can still be customized with ribbon, bows, or faux flowers to really work for your home.

Wine Bottle Decor

Around the holidays, you might be going through more wine bottles than usual, or maybe you are going through your normal amount but are looking for a way to upcycle them into something beautiful. There are so many tutorials available to turn wine bottles into creative, festive holiday decor, so find one that works for you.

I like this one, because it is fairly simple, and can easily be customized to fit your aesthetic. You don’t need to create a word with these wine bottles, you can just decorate each of them to your liking and make a centerpiece for your table, or add artificial flowers to really dress them up!

Floating Candle Decor

There is something so elegant about floating candle centerpieces. These are easy to put together, fill a jar with whatever small loose parts you’d like, add water and a floating candle and you’re done! You can dress up your jar too, add ribbon or bows to really add some festive flair.  I like the look of the fresh orange slices and cranberries, it is a nice accent to any holiday decor you may already have in your home.

Creative Stocking Holders

You might love to hang up stockings for your children every year, but you might not have a mantle to hang the stockings from. It is possible and not too difficult, to create your own stocking holders. There are a few ideas out there, and all are so cute! You might have room to create a ladder-style stocking holder in your home, or you may want to hang the stockings from the wall, there are tutorials and ideas out there for it all.

Holiday Wreaths

The holiday season can’t officially begin until you swapped out the wreath on your door right?! There are such beautiful wreaths out there to buy, however that can get expensive if you put wreaths on different doors, and change them each season or holiday. I love the idea of making your own wreath, because you have complete control over what it looks like.

You might want to make wreaths for each bedroom door, and those might stay up for an entire season, maybe you want to put a wreath on the front and back door and you might customize those for every holiday – the choice is yours. I love this neutral winter wreath because it can stay up all season, and will accent your home beautifully!

It is so fun to decorate for the holidays, especially with little ones. There is so much you can do to bring the holiday cheer into your home, no matter how big or small. This year try DIY-ing something instead of buying all of your decor. Create something with your children because this will also make some fun memories, and it might even inspire an annual family tradition. Wishing you and your families a Happy Holiday and Happy Crafting!

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