If you are looking for a bigger ticket item this holiday season, but want to avoid screens, loud noises and flashy lights – this is the list for you! All items can be found on Amazon (perfect for those last minute gifts!) for under $200, with some items as low as around $50. These larger and more expensive toys also make a great choice for family members who want to go in on a gift together to help cut the cost. No matter who gets the gift, this is a list of 15 interactive and engaging toys for your toddler without the noise and lights, that are sure to be a hit!

If you are looking for a more budget friendly list of toddler toys that don’t make noise, check out THIS BLOG for a list of 10 toys under $40!


Any toddler I know loves to climb, roll, stand on things, move and just never slow down! A great gift idea for the busy toddler in your life would be a foam play set, which is made to be climbed all over and jumped on. This is a great way to get some energy out before bed, or stay busy on those cold, snowy winter days. There are a few different types of foam play sets available, offering a variety of pieces and color schemes. I encourage you to take a look at what’s out there, and find a set that works best for you and your family, I bet your toddlers will thank you!


If you have an older toddler or if you aren’t looking for something soft, but still looking for something durable, a wood climbing set might be just the thing you need. Mix and match the three pieces that come in this set to create something that works for you. I love how much coordination and gross motor skills will be at work, all while being disguised as a fun play set. Perfect for those times you need to burn that toddler energy!


This is a higher budget item and also takes up a decent amount of space, however there are smaller versions available if that is something you need. This play tent would be perfect outdoors, so depending on the climate near you around the holidays, this can be brought outside for hours of entertainment. Bundle up if needed and let your little one crawl, climb and laugh!


If you are in the market for something safe, durable for those fearless toddlers and takes up little space, a ball pit might be exactly that! Available in a variety of sizes and colors this is sure to be a hit this holiday season. A perfect gift choice for multiple children because what’s more fun than playing in a ball pit? Playing in a ball pit with your favorite sibling(s)!


Allowing your child to pretend play is so important at this age. It opens up a world of imagination, while strengthening your child’s language and vocabulary skills. I find play kitchens are just as much fun for adults as they are for the little ones, you get to make the fun memories and “cook” together, but without nearly as many dirty dishes!


Along the lines of the pretend play concept, a play grocery store would also be so much fun! If your child shops with you each week, you will be amazed at all they pick up on, once you put them in their own store. The cute little “How may I help you?” or “That will be seventy-eighty dollars” (the concept of money can be hard, okay?!) is bound to put a smile on your face, while giving some independence to your child.


You can most likely find a pretend play option for any interest, and I encourage you to feel inspired to find what works for your child. I love the idea of a play workshop, because it encourages practical life skills and an opportunity to explore such unique vocabulary your child might not encounter each day. Discuss what you use a wrench for, and then find something in the house that needs fixing! If you are looking for a true silent toy as a gift this holiday season, this is not it – there will be too much hammering, laughing and fun to keep this pretend play experience quiet!


As with the pretend play options, dress up clothes are just as fun! If you are looking to give your child a gift for their imagination, but don’t have the room for a larger item, dress up clothes are perfect. While they pair nicely with a play kitchen or workshop, it absolutely isn’t necessary. Your child can throw on their chef outfit and help you prepare lunch, or transform themselves into a construction worker and fix some of those trees you have outside.

There are a variety of dress up clothes options, ranging from a single outfit to a larger bundle. Find an option that works for your budget, because I assure you, your toddler’s will to fight every piece of clothing you try and put on them (I see you toddler moms. I am with you.) seems to disappear when they get to dress up as something so fun and so “grown up”!


This is one of your classic 3-in-1 gifts, that is almost too cool to pass up. This sofa bed can be a couch, easy for lounging while reading or watching tv. It flips open to then be a bed, which is a great alternative for a nap or sleepover. It ALSO is one of those play town road maps. Your little one can drive their car all around town, set up some houses and buildings and let their imagination run wild. When they are done playing, simply clean up the toys and flip this back into a couch and it is good as new. I love the idea of a multipurpose gift, because you certainly do get your money’s worth!


This is a great option for younger toddlers who are gaining their confidence when it comes to standing or walking. I also think there is so much to spin, move, touch and explore, it is bound to provide your child with hours of entertainment. The perfect type of gift to re-introduce to your little one on those inclement weather days. This is also a great gift option for multiples, as it has room to explore individually, but still requires some communication and sharing along the way.


This is another great toy that you buy once and use over and over in different ways each time! The top can be a building station, using blocks to build and create. Once finished with that, take off the top and you have a sensory table.

This can be used for sand or water, or depending on where you live in the winter – you can also fill it with snow and some toys…instant fun! There are so many ideas out there for what to fill sensory tables with, so feel free to step outside the box. I love the idea of a gift that can be used for a variety of fun experiences, it is worth the extra money spent and always be switched up and refreshed when needed.


Toddlers love to touch everything, especially things that look so real, so why not give in to their temptations with a safe, busy board meant just for them! This is one board, filled with everything your little one already loves to get into, but without you having to chase after them or say “no” every time they do so. This is the perfect quiet gift, because your little one will be so focused on all of the intricate parts of this board, he/she will be kept busy for quite some time.


Depending on the weather where you live, you might not always associate holiday gifts with outdoor fun. I am in the mindset of – find the good deals now, and use them for months to come. This is a toy that takes up a lot of space, so unless you have an open basement, or large playroom, this toy is best enjoyed outside. Even in the coldest weather climates, in the middle of winter, there might be a nice day or two sprinkled in, where you can really get the most out of this toy.


Sometimes it is frustrating when you think you purchased the perfect gift, and within a few weeks your little one is over it and ready for the next toy. This four in one table will be just as fun in six months as it is now. You can use it differently depending on where you keep it (indoors vs. outdoors), what the weather is like, and what you fill the table with. If the table starts to get stagnant, switch it up a little bit and it’s a whole new world for your little one!


When purchasing holiday gifts this year, think about finding a gift that works on your little one’s gross motor skills, as they learn how to move and use their bodies. I think this balance stepping stones set is perfect for that, because it comes with 20 pieces which can be used and reused to create a balance beam type of formation. Use only a few pieces if you have a small space indoors for this, or use everything to create some larger scale fun outside!

The holiday season is not at all about the gifts, afterall the most important thing to your little one is you. You being there and you spending time with your children is all they truly want. Buying a few gifts and the heartwarming feeling you get as a parent when your child gets excited over a new toy is just a perk. If you are looking for a larger ticket item this holiday season, I hope this list inspires you to find the perfect gift for your little one! 

If you are looking for inspiration, but on a smaller scale, again, take a look at THIS BLOG for a list of 10 gifts for your toddlers that don’t make noise and are all under $40. Happy shopping and wishing you and your families a very happy holiday!

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