Make this Mother’s Day special for grandma by creating a priceless keepsake that she will treasure forever. Grandma always loves the flowers or framed photo, but this year consider making something with your little one’s handprint. Their hands will never be this little again, so it will be a gift that brings beautiful memories and happy tears for years to come.

Handprint Flower Pot

Flowers are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, but what is even better than the flowers themselves is this adorable flower pot! Add your little one’s handprint multiple times all over the pot, or have all the grandkids join in for this one.

Handprint Tulip Towels

These hand towels may never be used, because grandma will proudly have them on display for all to see. I like the tulip and spring theme to this gift, but you can also easily use your little one’s handprint for different images, and make this a true seasonal decor piece.

Handprint Flower Bouquet

This flower bouquet would look so adorable in the handprint flower pot! Flowers really are a wonderful gift idea, but not everyone has a green thumb to keep those flowers alive and thriving. This sweet twist is the perfect way to give grandma some beautiful spring flowers – but ones she can display all year!

Handprint Oven Mitt/Pot Holder

Some grandmas love to make memories with their grandkids in the kitchen. These memories often end up looking the same, with flour on the floor, oil spilled on the table, scraping eggshells out of the bowl, and smiles and laughter to fill the whole house. Adding a special oven mitt or pot holder with your little one’s handprint is the perfect way to make these memories with grandma in the kitchen, even more special.

Handprint Canvas

Your little one can create some beautiful artwork, all with their precious hands! Grandma might have all the knick knacks, but she will always have space on the wall to display a homemade gift from her grandchildren. These canvases are a nice way to get all of the grandchildren involved, because the more handprints and love, the better!

I am sure over the years, all grandma’s collect the “Best Grandma” mugs and tshirts, and knowing grandmas, they love each and every one of them. But this year, make the gift giving a little more special with a handprint gift from your little one. Grandma (and you too Mama) will love to look back next year, when the kids are all a year older, and how small their hands once were.

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