This is my first year as a mom trying to tackle holidays, and I’ve been attempting to come up with fun ideas for a family with babies or small kids (or kiddos that aren’t into scary things). Halloween specifically is geared towards the spooky, the creepy, and the terrifying, not ideal for my 7 month old, haha! Or myself, I don’t know about you but I get freaked out embarrassingly easy.

Here’s some ideas for a fun family friendly holiday!

1. Fall Festival/Trunk or Treating

This is always my first thought for family friendly activities! A lot of churches will put them on and are usually free. If not churches, some towns will host an event of some kind. I always went to one growing up and it was such a blast as a kid! There’s usually food, games and prizes, candy OF COURSE, some even have farm animals or hay rides, and you have to come in a costume. Well you don’t have, but like why wouldn’t you?

2. Trick or Treating

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This can definitely be family friendly! Let the kiddos pick their costume if they want to wear one and take them for a stroll around the neighborhood. If you have a wagon for when they get tired this would be a good idea to bring along, to hold them or their buckets of candy that you’ll be eating later. And you know your neighborhood, just avoid any homes that like to go all out for Halloween if you want! Hey some of those decorations have no business looking that realistic.

3. Family Halloween Party

Ok here’s what you’re gonna do. Grab the pillsbury Halloween cookie dough, and some candy and snacks like popcorn or whatever your family likes. Put on some costumes if you want and turn on the Disney Plus! Tons of good shows and movies that can be family friendly, Halloween related or not. This is your party, do what you want! You can even invite some friends for a fun movie night. Can definitely decorate and be as spooky or lighthearted as you want it to be. Even google some fun games to play!

Set the mood with some yellow or orange twinkle or Christmas lights, light some candles, or make a simmer pot on the stove for some fall fragrance. If you want to cook with the kiddos, get the crescent dough and hot dogs and make some cute mummies. Add some green punch too! Or another fun dessert idea would be dirt and worms ice cream, crush up some oreos and add some gummy worms! There are so many good ideas for an at home party!

4. Paint/Carve Pumpkins

This is pretty self explanatory, grab some washable paint (you’ll thank me later) or some spoons and knives that only the adult can use and get to decorating! If you decide to carve the pumpkins, let your kiddos draw on the pumpkin so they’re involved without using the sharps, and you cut out where they want! I painted this one recently and found the idea on Pinterest. I’m the least crafty person you’ll meet, don’t judge me!!

5. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

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Some of these will be open on Halloween! Make sure you look up dates and times before you plan your visit. But I love going to the patch, they’re almost always family friendly and a lot of them also have hay rides, petting zoo, playground, corn mazes and of course, food. Such a cute family outing, and even let the kids get all dressed up in their costumes if they want! Join in the fun mama, you’re never too old to dress up.

6. Halloween Crafts or Cookies

Grab a bunch of art supplies and let the kiddos craft to their heart’s content! Pinterest will be your friend for your crafting needs and ideas.

Bake some cookies and decorate them together with fun sprinkles and orange and black frosting!

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