Winter is the perfect time to relax, get cozy, and cuddle up with a great book… that is unless you have kids! Whether they are infants, toddlers, or school-aged winter is a tough time to find ways to get their wiggles out if the weather outside is cold, rainy, snowy, or anywhere in between! While I’m taking a challenge this year to spend more time outside with my family sometimes that just isn’t possible. Here are my go to toys for indoor play that will still get the wiggles out!

Air Fort

We requested this as a Christmas gift from Grandparents one year and it has been a go to ever since! Just add air and it’s like magic for kids of all ages! My daughter’s will go from being I’m bored to building an entire home underneath this little fort in minutes. Other special activities we like to do in here are story time, tea parties, and dance parties under the big top!

Nugget Couch

We ordered ours during the pandemic and since then our Nugget has never let us down! It has endless options for fun and I love that my daughters just keep thinking of new ways to play with it! From making it a slide, to a rocket ship, or even just a couch for rainy day movie watching this toy is worth the investment. I also pull it out for my infant son to crawl, climb, and flop around on because it offers a perfect padded surface. Lately the our weekends in NC have just been dreary and my oldest daughter has enjoyed making the Nugget into a fun obstacle course for all to run, jump, and flip around on.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Yes, I know it’s not really a toy per say, but hear me out! When everyone is just feeling blah from being cooped up, pop on one episode of this and get everyone in the family moving! Yes, you too Mom and Dad! My girls and baby boy love this because it tells a story while encouraging movement. Truthfully it’s a way for me to join in the play and squeeze movement in so it’s a Win-Win for everyone!

Young Wild and Friedman Bins

How perfect is this Penguin sensory bin for cold winter days! Trust me we received three of these bins for Christmas and they have been our go to on days when we have maxed out our time outside. What I love about these bins is that they offer hours of play, they are easy to store, and my kids are able to use both their imagination and engage in sensory stimulating play. While my 1 year old is too little he still loves watching his sister’s play from his high chair while having a snack and giving Mommy a bit of a break!

Lily and River Little Starter Set

This set is classic and I love that it is so versatile! One minute my girls are crossing a bridge in a land of fairies and the next minute the floor is literally lava all thanks to the inspiration this kit offers. Even baby boy gets to work on his balancing skills on the little surf board. We love that this set gets the wiggles out on cold or rainy days when it’s just not enjoyable to be outside.

Mini Trampoline

While loading up and going to an indoor play space is always a hit sometimes it’s just not feasible whether for budget or weather reasons. We have loved having this mini trampoline in the garage as the LAST Resort for getting our kids wiggles out! I highly recommend having something like this for when you and your kids are at the end of your bored rope!

On these long, cold winter days I love keeping my kiddos cozy in pajamas while they play and the Caden Lane pajamas are the perfect fit! They are cozy, warm, and come in the most beautiful or handsome prints. I’m currently loving this Lorelei floral for my girls paired with a solid blue waffle footie for baby boy!

Hope this lists help you keep your littles entertained and warm this Winter! Now bring on Spring and Summer!!

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