Sunshine, hotdogs and fireworks. The makings for a great 4th of July! But what about when you have a little one (or more) in tow? Of course you want to enjoy all of your usual traditions, or maybe start some new ones with your baby/toddler. But you also want to be sure you’re ready for whatever you’ll need to help them have their best Independence Day ever! I’ve got you covered with some top tips for a great 4th!

Dress the Part

Obviously your little guy or gal is going to need a stellar outfit to enjoy the holiday. Depending on how you spend your holiday weekend this might need to include swimwear as well as some regular clothes. Here are a few of my favorite patriotic ensembles!

Caden Lane has some of the cutest swim and non swim patterns! For boys and girls and accessories to match!

Exhibit B for Caden Lane cuteness- a romper full of our favorite 4th of July popsicles? Count me in!
AND they have swim for the whole family! Perfect for some adorable matching family photos.

You also can’t go wrong by throwing in a classic Old Navy flag shirt. These are very nostalgic as someone who grew up wearing a new one of these every year. They make them for the whole family from a newborn onesie all the way up to adults!

Firework Fun

Seeing fireworks are a part of many people’s 4th of July celebrations. I’ve got a few things to keep in mind when celebrating with kiddos (especially itty bitty ones).

  1. Noise cancelling headphones- fireworks are LOUD for little ears. If you’re bringing your baby, or a child who’s particularly sensitive to noise I would pack a pair of noise cancelling headphones to soften the boom for them. Here’s a great option!
  2. Keep little hands safe for sparklers- I saw this hack recently and thought this was a great idea! Sparklers are so fun for kids but sometimes those little sparks get their hands OR they make them too afraid to hold it. Try this solo cup hack to combat that problem!
Click the link for details on this patriotic parenting tip!

3. Rest first…fireworks later! So being that this holiday takes place in the middle of the summer and typically fireworks don’t start until it’s dark out they often don’t begin until quite late. This will often lead to a late bedtime for any kiddos getting to stay up to watch. So today is not the day to skip nap time or rest time. Encourage your little one to nap or rest during the day so they have the energy to stay up a little later without being too crabby. For little ones this might mean an extra nap or for toddlers who have given up their nap, it may just be some extra “quiet time”.

Snacks, Snack and More Snacks

Holidays are all about the food right? Ok, ok they’re not but it’s definitely a highlight! Every parent knows keeping plenty of snacks around can also keep away fussy kids. I’ve got you covered with 5 fun and festive snacks for your kiddos to enjoy. They’re all things you could make together too!

I hope you and your little ones have a relaxing, delicious and fun-filled 4th of July!

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