Every year as a child, my siblings and I opened up Advent calendars during the Christmas season, and it was something to look forward to each day. Now, the only advent calendar I ever had was a chocolate one – where each day I got a single piece of chocolate, and that was so exciting. While the chocolate advent calendars are a classic choice, and I’m sure your littles would love it, there are so many more creative and fun choices out there! If you choose to start one with your little one, take a look at some of these fun ideas:

North Pole Advent Train

If the Elf on the Shelf visits your house, this might be a fun advent calendar they bring at the start of the season. Filled with 24 fun surprises, which then build a playable winter scene, your little one is sure to love this. Open a new piece of the train each day to see what fun piece (or elf figurine) is waiting to be played with!

Brain Teaser Puzzles

This advent calendar might be for an older child, but I love the idea that every day your little one gets a new puzzle to work on. It’ll be exciting to see what puzzle they will open up each day, and then it will also provide some time for independent play as their brain gets to work!

Play-Doh Advent Calendar

What little kid doesn’t love to get messy and explore with Play-Doh?! This fun advent calendar comes with 5 cans of Play-Doh and 24 fun surprises to open each day of December. Use the included play mat to create some fun winter scenes together and watch your little one’s imagination flourish! There is also THIS OPTION which includes a mini can of Play-Doh and surprise accessory each day.

Fidget Advent Calendar

This advent calendar encompasses all that is popular among young children these days – pop its, fidgets, and even some slime. Open a window each day to see what fun hides behind, as you countdown to Christmas and build the excitement! There are other options of this same style that you can check out HERE or HERE.

First Advent Calendar

If your little one is celebrating their first Christmas, this advent calendar is perfect. Filled with 24 chunky figurines, each day your little one will get to explore a new animal, and you can read the included story, Theo the Raven Saves Christmas, together! There is so much quality time built into this advent calendar.

DIY Jewelry Kit Advent Calendar

This adorable advent calendar gives your little one the opportunity to create some stylish jewelry for the holiday season! Finding a new charm to add to their bracelet each day is sure to build anticipation as you countdown to Christmas. This is another advent calendar that has a few varieties to choose from like THIS bracelet making kit or THIS advent calendar that includes a bracelet, necklace, rings and earrings.

Girls Advent Calendar

An advent calendar tailored to some common interests for girls including jewelry, crafts, hair accessories and more. Each day is a new surprise, and what is fun about this advent calendar is there is no exact theme. Will today be lip gloss? Maybe it will be a fidget toy? Or a headband? Every day your little one opens up a window truly is a new surprise!

Building Blocks Cars

This advent calendar allows your little one an opportunity to build a new vehicle each day. You can even combine a few of the smaller cars together to create something even bigger and better. If you have a child who is attentive to detail, loves to build and is interested in cars, then this is the perfect advent calendar for them!

Lego Advent Calendars

Lego is a timeless brand that has been popular for decades – and for good reason, they are fun, encourage problem solving and hand eye coordination, and your child is sure to be incredibly proud of their final product. Lego offers a few options when it comes to advent calendars, like the above Harry Potter one, there is also this Marvel one, or this Star Wars option too.

Squishy Advent Calendar

Another popular toy with children are squishy toys. Not only are they cute, but they are fun to play with. This advent calendar comes with 24 squishies, so there is a new one to open each day. Combine this squishy advent calendar with a fidget advent calendar mentioned above to really keep your little one’s fingers busy!

Rock Collection Advent Calendar

If your little one is interested in science and rocks, this advent calendar might be right up their alley. Not only do you get a new rock to add to your collection each day, but on the last day, your child can dig out a special crystal for a fun, final activity before Christmas. Pair this advent calendar with the Ultimate Rockopedia (a fun book all about rocks and minerals) for your little one to really tap into their scientist side!

Storybook Advent Calendar

If your child is a bookworm, an advent calendar that offers a new book a day might be the perfect option! There are different themes of book advent calendars so you can find one that works best for your child. I love this type of advent calendar, because not only is it exciting for your little one to open a new book each day, but quality time is built in, as you read these books together!

In addition to the Disney book collection, there is THIS Disney Princess book collection, THIS Sesame Street book advent calendar, or THIS Marvel Storybook advent calendar. There are so many options for any interest your child may have!

Religious Advent Calendars

If you are looking to further teach your children the reason for the season, and build excitement and anticipation about the true meaning of Christmas, you might be interested in some of these more religious specific advent calendars. This Nativity advent calendar features 24 figurines, each depicting an important part of the Christmas story. Tell the story, guess which figurine might be next, and countdown the days until Christmas morning!

In addition to the figurine advent calendar, there are also religious options like THIS fabric advent calendar that allows you to add a new piece to the Nativity scene each day, or there is THIS pop up advent calendar that also includes cards to describe the important of each day leading up to Christmas, if you are looking for something less traditional but still religious consider THIS advent countdown card set with bible verses and activities.

While this list is filled with so many ideas to inspire you, in your search for the perfect advent calendar, think about your child’s interests and hobbies. Maybe THIS American Girl doll advent calendar would be of interest to your little one, or THIS Minibrands advent calendar might be the most exciting thing to your child. If your little one is into construction vehicles THIS advent calendar may be perfect or Paw Patrol might be their thing and they would love THIS advent calendar. 

There are so many choices out there, find something unique for your child, start your countdown this holiday season and bring on the Christmas magic! Wishing you and your families a very happy holiday season!

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