They’ll be there for you! These names bring me back to the 90’s in a great way and I think some of them may honestly be making a very popular comeback really soon! So here are my top 10 girl and top 10 boy names from both main and lesser known show characters!

Girl Names Inspired by Friends


I know…it’s a boy name in the show, but I love it for a girl so had to start here!!


Perfect for a little girl who just like the character will be her own unique self!


I mean this had to be the top name back around early 2000’s as it was the name of Rachel’s baby girl, but I’m still loving it as a top baby girl name two decades later it’s that CLASSIC!


“OH MY GOD” you knew this name would make the list right!


Completely different name than Emma and I love it not just because it’s my name, but because it has so many cute nicknames such as “Em” or “Emmie”!


Perfect for a little baby girl who is bound to be a born leader and a bit of a perfectionist.


“Monica…darling it’s Amanda calling!”


Maybe she wasn’t a main character, but this name is perfect for the tiny leading lady in your life! I love a traditional male name for a baby girl and you could make it a bit girlier with these spellings, “Charley” or “Charleigh”!


So feminine and simple! Would be adorable paired with another short name like “Kate”.


Cute name for an even cuter little girl!

Boy Names Inspired by Friends


I mean IMHO he makes the show! But it is another one that could be an adorable girl name too just like one of Phoebe’s twins!


I love this unique name who for a little guy who is bound to be just as lovable as the Central Perk’s most famous employee!


Traditional and genuine just like the character!


Seriously I think naming a little boy Jack is just the



Oh Danny Boy!


A lovable character on Friends, which makes it a perfect name for a little guy!


This name literally means “son” so you can’t get any more literal or sweet than that!


Short for Michael maybe, but still a great name for a little fellow!


This name means “beloved” or “favorite” so it’s no wonder it would be a great choice for a sure to be loved little man.

Hopefully these names inspired by show Friends will help you find your “Lobster” of a baby girl or boy name!

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