Date nights look a lot different than they used to because Baby G turns into a pumpkin promptly at 7pm. Most Friday nights we hit the early bird special for dinner at 5pm and opt for a board game night in (either just us or with some friends).

Here are our favorite games that can be played with two people, or with a group!

Monopoly Deal:

This is a card version of the classic. The game is MUCH quicker than the board game version and is really simple to understand and explain.


This game is almost a mix of connect four and poker. It is simple even for children to play, and is a great game to helps kids develop strategy skills.


When we are in the mood for a dice game, we reach for Qwixx. Unlike Yahtzee, every player can score on every round which keeps all players engaged throughout the game.

The last two games on the list are probably better suited for older children and adults.


If you are a Wordle fan, this game is for you. You’ll take turns trying to break a secret code of over 2,000 possible combinations. This is great for older children interested in STEM, and helps teach deductive reasoning and logic.


Last but not least, a tried and true favorite. In this game you’ll take turns creating words and scoring as many points as possible. This game always gets super competitive in our house!

What are your family’s favorite games? Drop it in the comments below!

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