Father’s Day this year will be an exciting day in my household! It’s my husband’s first Father’s Day, and our baby also turns eleven months old! I’ve been brainstorming ideas of things that our family could do for weeks. We’ll also be sure to get my husband a nice gift (check out our Father’s Day gift guide if you haven’t already)! But what else to do to make the whole day all about dad? Here’s a few ideas to spoil the dads in your life this Father’s Day!

For the foodie dad:

Father’s Day is a special occasion for sure! What better way to celebrate a special occasion than by going out to eat? It’s a great time to try that new Thai place that just opened up near your house, or to go out for some good old fashioned hamburgers! If your husband is like mine and enjoys a good craft beer, look for a local brewery that also serves food.

For the adventurous dad:

Does dad like to hike, or swim, or just enjoy the great outdoors? Choose dad’s favorite outdoor activity to take the whole family on a fun day trip. You can visit a family favorite location or google “best hiking trails near me,” for options. Getting out in nature together is a great way to celebrate everything dads do for their families. Another option is to head to the beach for a nice, lowkey day in the sun. Whether you choose mountains, beach, or even lake, an adventurous dad is sure to love spending time outside with his family!

For the sporty dad:

Does dad have a favorite sport or favorite team? Father’s Day is a perfect day to take the whole family to enjoy a sporting event! Better yet, if dad likes to play a specific game, you can organize a game in your own backyard with your family. Getting the whole family involved in one of dad’s favorite activities is a great way to celebrate him.

For the academic dad:

If the dad in your life is a history buff (my dad sure is!), there’s lots of fun ways to give him a day full of history. Going to the museum is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day with a dad who loves to learn! Check out what types of museums are in your area and choose one that fits with what dad is interested in. You can also google your local area to see what kind of historic sites are right in your own backyard! What better way to celebrate dad than with some new knowledge?

There are so many different activities that can make Father’s Day extra special. Of course, the most important thing is that the family spends meaningful time together. You can do that even if dad prefers to just stay home and relax! A backyard picnic or a barbecue is a great stay at home

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