One thing I am so excited for this year as a new mom is starting to incorporate family traditions into our holidays. Traditions like a Christmas Eve dinner with extended family, picking out our tree, and finding the hidden pickle ornament on the tree are some memories I remember best and I can’t wait for our little girl to make memories like these.

As I was trying to think of what traditions I’d like our family to have, I really wanted to focus on ones that didn’t revolve around getting gifts or excess spending. I want our family traditions to be about the people around us we love and spending quality time with each other.

Here are a few traditions we will be starting with our little girl this year:

Christmas Breakfast:

A tradition from my childhood I’d love to keep around is preparing a special Christmas morning breakfast. My mom always treated us to a yummy French toast casserole, homemade waffles or other delicious breakfast before the day started. It is still one of my favorite memories!

Homemade Christmas Ornament:

Another tradition I would love to start is making a homemade ornament each year we can add to our tree! Keep an eye out for my post on winter crafts for a super easy salt dough ornament craft!

Angel Tree Shopping:

My husband and I make an effort to give back to those in need, and each Christmas season sponsor an Angel Tree child and purchase gifts for them. I’d love to keep this tradition going as Baby G grows so she understands the importance of helping others.

No Screen Family Game Night:

While Baby G won’t be directly participating for a few years, I love the idea of making an intentional effort to unplug and spend some time playing games as a family!

Christmas Book Box:

I also plan to add a special box of Christmas books under the tree as part of our “decorating.” I am hoping Baby G grows up excited to see and read these books as a family during the month of December.

What are your family holiday traditions you love? Drop a comment below!

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