A sensory bin is an open-ended way for your child to play, explore and interact with a certain set of materials. You can choose to have a sensory table, like the popular FLISAT from Ikea, or you can simply use an empty plastic bin. There is no right or wrong way to introduce your child to sensory play, find an option that works for both your space and budget. 

When it comes to what to put inside of the sensory bin, you really are only limited by your own creativity. You can change the materials out monthly, seasonally, or based on your child’s interests. If you are choosing to create a Fall sensory bin for your little one you have so many options. You can create a sensory bin with a focus on apples, pumpkins, leaves, Halloween or even Thanksgiving. Be creative when it comes to putting a sensory bin together, but I did compile a list of some fall sensory bin inspiration to get you started!


Color Sorting Sensory Bin

I like this particular set up because not only does it provide endless entertainment for your little one, but there is also an educational purpose to it as well. This sensory bin is a great jumping off point for some conversations about apples, what colors they are, where they grow, and can lead into an apple taste test as well!

Apple Pie Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is a cute idea because it gives children the opportunity to play and explore, but also use their imagination and become a chef! A great choice if you are looking for a sensory bin that will entertain more than one child, someone can order the apple pie and the other makes it


Five Little Pumpkins

Sensory bins don’t have to be complicated to be fun for your little one. Something like this – with a filler, small pumpkins, tools and containers will create endless entertainment. Maybe throw in some green pipe cleaners and call it a pumpkin patch!

Jack-O-Lantern Sensory Bin

This is another very simple set up that your children will enjoy playing with. Believe me when I say, it doesn’t take much to entertain your little ones. They will love scooping the rice into each container, dumping it out and filling it up again. If you are looking to incorporate some learning, this is a great way to talk about sizes – tall/short, skinny/wide, big/small, etc.


Fall Leaf Sensory Bin

With Fall comes so many beautiful colors, making it easy to include learning opportunities into your sensory bins. Fill a bin with a variety of (fake) leaves, plastic leaf manipulatives and different containers that can be used for sorting. Your little ones can put all of the same colored leaves into the appropriate container.

Acorns & Leaves

Not only does Fall have so many beautiful colors, it also offers a variety of manipulatives that you can easily throw into a sensory bin – including both leaves and acorns. Your little ones will enjoy scooping, pouring and playing with the filler or manipulatives no matter what they are, so don’t overthink it when you are putting together a sensory bin.


Spooky Sensory Play

The best way to incorporate Halloween into sensory play is to visit the dollar store and find a few holiday specific items. You can find anything from cute pumpkins to spooky skeletons, so pick out some halloween decor for your little one’s sensory bin!

Sensory Spaghetti

This sensory bin will take a little more prep on your end, but is sure to create endless entertainment for your little one! The cooked spaghetti will also give your child a different sensory experience than a more common filler like rice or uncooked pasta. Add some Halloween manipulatives and your sensory bin is complete.


Thanksgiving Dinner

Many children already have play kitchens and plastic food in their toy rotation, so why not use what you have on hand to create a thanksgiving dinner sensory bin! Throw in some fake food, add kitchen utensils, mixing bowls and even an apron/chef hat for added imaginative play.

Turkey Sensory Bin

Of course the turkey is one of the main symbols of Thanksgiving, so why not incorporate it into your little one’s sensory bin? This is also a great way to reinforce colors and work on those fine motor skills. Add some rice and feathers, make your own turkey body and let your little one get to work!

Sensory bins really are a great way to reinforce colors, numbers, letters, sounds, or even sight words, while also working on hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. These fall themed sensory bins can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like, so find some inspiration and get creative!

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