It’s your first Fall with Baby or maybe you’ve just added a baby to your already established family, but you’re looking for ways to ensure you are engaging the littlest member of your crew, well then this list is for you! With this list all members of your family are sure to have fun and better yet baby will be engaged and learn along the way too!

Fall Fun with Baby!

Go on a Fall Walk

Pick up Leaves along the way to show baby and talk about how the leaves are crunching as you walk. The sounds and commentary will engage babies senses.

Try a new Park!

Depending on you baby’s age allow them to swing in the swing or help them carefully slide down an appropriate sized slide. The new sights and sounds will be fun for baby and the whole crew.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Allow baby to sit near the pumpkins to feel the smooth texture of the pumpkin.

Go Apple Picking then make Baby Approved Applesauce

Wear baby in a carrier so they can help you pick apples, then go home and try this recipe from Baby

Roll a Football

Fall means football to many so include baby by rolling a football back and forth with Mom or Dad.

Create a Fall Themed Sensory Bag or Bin

Depending on Baby’s age create a Ziploc bag filled with dried corn, leaves, or acorns and allow you little one to feel the texture. With older babies you can do this without the bag, but with careful supervision to ensure safety.

Go to a Farm or Fair

Babies love animals and it is a great time to describe the animal sounds to baby!

Go Hiking

Whether just in your backyard or on a serious mountain trail. There are so many great baby carriers and even toddler hiking backpacks. Little ones will enjoy the time outside and you can describe the sights and sounds during the hike.

Cuddle in a Blanket

Take it easy one morning and snuggle your little bundle of joy while just soaking up the stillness.

Read a fun Fall Book

I love these Fall and Halloween books for baby and toddlers:

Take a Family Picture

No not anything formal, but just hit the self-timer button and capture a candid one of family plus baby having fun this Fall!

Make a Halloween Costume

Caden Lane has the cutest baby costume that I have to get for my little man!

Make a Thankful List

Baby will obviously be first on the list, but talking out loud to baby about what you are adding to the list will put you and baby both in a great mood!

Go on a Hayride

Even if this is really just a wagon ride around the neighborhood it will be a great way to get baby and you out!

Wear Cozy Socks

Maybe they are matching or maybe they are just cozy!

Have a Chill Morning in your Jammies

Eat pancakes and just relax on a crisp morning. These jammies would be perfect for the whole family!

Donate to a Food Pantry

Yes, even baby can help with this as there may be some unopened baby items you can donate along with non-perishable foods. Be sure to reach out to your local pantry about their baby related needs such as diapers, wipes, and unopened baby food or formula.

Play a Boo Game with Baby

Just like peek-a-boo, but with a white sheet to make it festive!

Make a Fall Keepsake with Baby

I have made these each year with my kids and I love pulling them out as decorations each year!

Have a Fall Picnic

Bring a blanket and just enjoy a meal outside. Let baby try pureed pumpkin and/or if they are older some baked apples. The fresh air will do wonders for everyone!

I hope this list will help you and baby have the best FALL making memories that will become traditions to last a lifetime!

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