Ok Mamas, I know this year has been stressful. Whether you’re new or a seasoned veteran, nothing can prepare you for how frustrating and scary it can be to live in a formula shortage.

We all have our reasons for using formula, and while some mamas produce milk just fine, others like myself struggle and had no choice but to resort to formula. Regardless, every mom has the option if she wants to breastfeed or not. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing! Formula is a beautiful thing! I would have loved to breastfeed but such is life sometimes…I’m incredibly grateful for formula as I’m sure thousands of mamas are too.

Right from the start at my baby’s first pediatrician appointment they recommended I start to use formula due to weight loss issues. They recommended Kabrita goat milk formula and had a sample in the office. Goat milk can be easier for digestion on little tummies and Kabrita has a great taste and smell.

Now like I mentioned earlier, the formula shortage was/is very scary. We’ve been fortunate enough to have stuck with Kabrita and that’s all my baby has known, and for the most part I haven’t had issues getting any. It’s a European company and I don’t believe they’ve had as many issues with supply like America has. I order mine on Amazon! But you can also order from their website. (My secret is we use the toddler formula. I believe they’re coming out with an infant one, but our pediatrician said not to be alarmed with the “toddler” title as the nutrients are very sufficient for infants as well. And boy do I have a twenty pound six month old to prove it!)

You can also receive a free formula can as a sample on their website which is very generous if you want to try!

Also can be purchased at Sprouts and Whole Foods if you’re in a pinch and need it before the next delivery, which has definitely been me!

For other formula recommendations and where to possibly find, I would definitely search Target, Amazon and continue with Walmart searches.

I’ve noticed Target is starting to add different formulas to their shelves, some of which being BobbieKendamil, and Aptamil. I’ve heard great things about Bobbie, but I’ve never heard of the other two. I know they’re European, (if that even matters to you) to help with the supply gap and are USDA approved.

I also looked at both Target and Walmart websites and for now they seem to have decent supply of some of the most highly used formulas from Enfamil and Similac, so if not available in store definitely check out online for it to be shipped to you!

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