Mamas…who has time (or patience) to put outfits together? I seriously don’t. Especially as a woman, so much goes into even a simple outfit. Have I shaved? Does the bra I’m wearing go well under the shirt I chose? Do I feel like worrying about chafing or should I just stick with pants? What do I even feel like wearing?

These are just a few questions us women have to ask ourselves. Throw in a crying baby, maybe a new puppy, a million chores around the house, and you have the perfect recipe for a frustrated, rushed, tired, BUSY Mama. (Yes, yes I definitely used myself as an example. The puppy is giving me a run for my money let me tell ya.)

Here are some of my favorite outfit ideas for summer to help make your life easier!


Ok hear me out, activewear is where it’s at these days. Not only is it popular, it’s comfortable and can be dressed up or down depending on your day! Leggings, biker shorts, flowy workout shorts, even golf or tennis type skirts. I personally wear pants or leggings year round depending on my plans that day (if it’s super hot and I plan on being outside a lot maybe not).

Biker shorts can be paired with an oversized T-shirt. Some comfy slides, Birkenstocks or tennis shoes would be super cute! I’ve been loving the Cushionaire slides on Amazon, so incredibly comfortable and they have so many colors! I even influenced my mom and mother-in-love to get some.

I’ve been loving the tank tops with built in bra padding lately, that or longline sports bras. They’re almost the same thing, the sports bra might be more cropped than the tank though. This literally resembles a cute tank without worrying about a bra and can be paired with ANY bottoms, even jeans!

A cropped or regular tee can be worn with the bottoms mentioned above as well. If you like regular sized shirts but a more fitted look, you can always twist the front of the shirt and then knot it. Love doing this with oversized shirts too!

To dress up any of these ideas, simply pair with jewelry and light makeup if you have the time! Gold hoops make any outfit 10x fancier in my opinion. Throw on a cute necklace, maybe an anklet and you’re good to go! If you don’t have time to do your hair, a messy bun or a claw clip is SUPER cute too. Especially if it’s hot out!


Like I mentioned earlier, I love pants year round. Mom jeans are my absolute favorite type of jeans. I find them to be stretchier, legs aren’t too wide or too fitted, and they’re high waisted. If you take nothing else from me, trust me on the high waisted part. It’s life-changing! I also really love distressed jeans, and most mom jeans or shorts are distressed. Find you some light-colored jeans or shorts and it’s perfect for summer!

The epitome of easy…the dress. You pick one item of clothing to put on and call it good. A DREAM. I love dresses, not only are they easy, they can be super comfortable, flowy, easily dressed up or down, and so many shoes can go with them. Sandals or flip flops? Yup. Heels? You betcha. White sneakers? Absolutely. Even some boots look good (hello cowboy boots!).

It was also a major plus that all the dresses I own fit even while pregnant. Obviously it matters on the kind of dress you have but if you’re like me, you usually wear flowy, stretchy ones anyways.

Rompers are also a one-piece wonder! I love the boutique Pink Lily, they have so many good options as far as rompers go, but also clothing in general. They also have really good sales sometimes, especially if you’re buying off-season.

The good old comfy tee. Goes with everything. While pregnant, I’ve even worn it tied over a fitted dress. SO cute and comfortable. Tuck it into jeans or wear it regular!

Now everyone has different body types so what might work for one person might not work for another! You might notice I keep mentioning tucking in or wearing shirts cropped. I’m pear-shaped and in my opinion a fitted or shorter top accentuates my curves better! Wear what works for you and your shape. Remember, clothes are meant to fit you, not you fit the clothes!

Hot Mom Summer here we come! (Pun intended, Texas thinks it’s an Air Fryer)

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