I’m typically not the crafty mom, at least not the one who does crafts with my children, but sometimes I just want to watch them create something while occupying their time. Here are three easy crafts you can do with your kids this Easter.

PS. They make great grandparent gifts!

Bunny Ear Headbands

These bunny ear headbands will provide lots of laughs and be a sweet addition to a fun Easter photo. To create the band, cut strips of paper 1-2 inches wide along the long side of your paper. Measure the band to fit comfortably around your child’s head. Use tape to secure the pieces together. Draw an oblong oval on the same color paper (we chose blue) and a small oval on a different color like pink, white, or even yellow. An older child might have fun cutting these out. Assemble the headband and have your camera ready!

Bunny Stamp

Find an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll and cut it into three equal pieces. Squish two to create ovals, leave one round. Hot glue them together to look like a head and ears. Make sure they sit flush on one side. I recommend doing this before your child sits down in front of the paint. Dip the cardboard roll into some paint and stamp it on the paper. Your child will have a blast coloring a scene for the bunny!

Bunny Hand Print

Trace your child’s hand, and have them cut it out (if they are old enough). Cut off the middle finger of the hand shape. Draw a bunny face near the top between the ring and pointer fingers. Draw two feet near the bottom. You or your child can write a sweet message on the palm. Fold the thumb and pinky inward to be the arms. Now it’s a cute easter card with a sentimental spin.

I hope you and your children have a hopping good time creating these crafts and memories together!

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