Having a baby is a huge life change for dad as well as for mom. While mom absolutely deserves the spotlight and the baby shower of her dreams, throwing a “dadchelor” party is fun way to celebrate the daddy-to-be!

First, find a theme dad will love.

Think Baby BBQ with burgers and beer, pizza and sports night, a golf outing or even poker.

Plan for lots of yummy food.

While the guys might enjoy that chicken salad croissant on occasion, use this celebration to really go guy- friendly on the food and snacks! My husband loves bar food, so his dadchelor party would definitely feature pizza and wings.

Keep them entertained.

Use this opportunity to play some fun (and funny) games. Cornhole, diaper pong, and “Beer or Baby?” are some great options any guy would have fun playing.

Gifts for Dad

While a lot of the registry items were probably opened at mom’s shower, there are some really great dad-specific gifts out there. This is a great opportunity to spoil the dad-to-be with something just for him.

What have you planned to celebrate dad-to-be? Drop them in the comments below!

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