School’s out for Summer! Celebrate the beginning of this sunny season by surprising your kids with a fun Summer bag! Here are some things I am adding to my kid’s bags to kick off our favorite season:

1. Cute beach bag 

I found these at Target and I think these will be a hit! This way I can free up room in my own beach bag by having my girls carry their essentials in their own bags.

Here’s a cute option for boys:

2. Bubbles

Chances are all the ones from their Easter basket have either been used or dumped by now so it’s a good idea to stock back up! 

3. Sunscreen

 This one is a no brainer, but it’s important to check the old tube from last summer to make sure it hasn’t expired and replace with a new bottle, spray, or stick. My kids love using sunscreen sticks for their faces, they get to apply by themselves with just a quick check from Mom to make sure they got all the spots.

4. Summer Snacks

We are loving these Johnny pops right now and they are the perfect addition to their bags alongside goldfish and Nature Bakery Fig Bars.

5. Personalized towel 

CL just came out with the cutest personalized towels and my girls are going to love these Pink Ombre towels! Best part, there will be no arguments about whose towel is whose!

6. Workbooks

Yes, not the most exciting, but these BrainQuest books are key to keeping my kids sharp over their summer break. We do a few pages to start our mornings and then they get an ice cream date once the whole summer book is complete. My two year old enjoys coloring while my bigger girls are doing these.

7. New Sand Toys

We will be heading to the lake and beach a lot this summer so I know these will be well loved! I think this Melissa and Doug sand baking set will lead to great imaginative play when my girls operate a seaside sand bakery 🙂

8. Stickers

I grab a bunch of fun stickers at our local Dollar Store because they are perfect for all the age ranges I have. Have older kids write a story using stickers or draw a scene and place the stickers. Littles can just have fun sticking them all over.

9. Summer Activity Coupon

I saved my favorite for last! I like to put in a few surprise coupons with activities we can do on summer days. Here are a few I’m adding:

  • Movie Date
  • Park Date 
  • Splash Pad and Ice Cream Afternoon
  • Zoo Visit
  • Aquarium Visit
  • Target Run and Cake Pop from Starbucks

Do you like to give gift bags to help with the transition from school to summer? If so, what do you add to your kid’s summer surprise bags?

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