Historical names are making a comeback and rightfully so because they are cute and hold strong memories. Here are my top favorite ones for boys and girls!

I recently saw, SIX the musical and it really got me thinking about how historical names should and are making such a resurgence for baby names.

Whether you are having a little Queen or little King, Caden Lane has personalized baby items fit for royalty!

I am loving these items fit for a tiny princess:

Historical Girls Names

Catherine or Katherine

Speaking of SIX the musical, King Henry VII’s six wives and almost half of them were named Catherine so this name comes from a long line of strong women!

Anne or Ann

I love both spellings and this is an adorable first name or middle name. I especially love when it’s used as a double name like Anne Kate or Ann Katherine.

Jane or Jayne

The modern use of a “y” is so cute and perfect for a unique little girl!


So maybe this is the most basic name on the list, but Mary paired with a more masculine middle name is just a perfect balance like “Mary Scott”!


I love the nicknames that could come from this sweet girl name like Tory or Vicki!

Cleo (short for Cleopatra)

She’s bound to change history and do so in a stylish way!


Any oldie, but a goodie!


Definitely feels a bit English to me, but I love that it could have so many variations like Maggie, Margie, or Meg.


With a namesake like Joan of Arc this is the perfect name for a tough little girl!


Love it as a first name, middle name, or even a variation like Liz or Beth! Seriously this name is so Royal to me!

Historical Boy Names

With these names, I love this item for a little prince:

Paxton’s Plaid feels like such a Royal option to wrap a little fella in:


Strong and genuine!


My own little guy’s name! Honestly this name is used by about half the men in my family so it’s a good one for sure just like the guys with this name!


Royal, but still approachable. Love that as a little baby you could use Georgy!


This name means “free man” so it’s perfect for a little boy that is bound to be a free spirit!


“Resolute protector” it has been a go-to name for kings or for the little ruler of your heart!


Definitely historical tracing all the way back to Biblical times.


I immediately think of Mark Twain, but this name is classic!


A bit formal, but so perfectly masculine!


Charlie, is the cutest nickname for this more mature moniker! Also, Charles is a great middle name too!


For a little boy who’s bound to be GREAT!


Fit for a Prince!

Hopefully this list helped you find a name that will be making HISTORY in your home and family for years to come!

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