Everything these days is PINK thanks to the Barbie craze this summer!

Here are some perfect names for your little Barbie or Ken!

While I haven’t had a chance to catch the new movie this summer, with 3 daughters (and as a previous dream house owner myself) I know a thing or two about Barbie! Here are 10 Girl and Boy names inspired by the Barbie movie, Dreamhouse show, and the many Barbie Fairytale movies that are perfect for your little PINK or BLUE bundle of joy!

Barbie/Girl Names


Obvious choice, but this name has got to be growing in popularity! I mean Barbie is an icon!


Barbie’s younger sister is clearly a playful name choice!


Love the nicknames that can come from this name for Barbie’s baby sister!


Such a classic 90’s name!


This was inspired by one of the Barbie princess movies that I may have watched on repeat a bit too many times on sick days, but this name is truly unique and beautiful!


She’s the iconic antagonist in the Barbie Dreamhouse show, but this name is anything if not trendy!


She’s another Barbie antagonist from one of the million Barbie fairytale movies, but with a name this cute she can’t be all bad!


Apparently, Barbie has about 20 sisters and this is Barbie’s sporty sister and I couldn’t love the spelling on this name more!


Inspired by the new Barbie movie, Gloria apparently knows who she is as a woman and this is the sweetest name for a little girl!


Sasha Fierce! Enough said!

Ken/Boy Names


Or Kenneth, this name is perfect for your little guy who is bound to be a STAR!


I never knew this fact, but this is Ken’s middle name and super cute for a little guy!


Strong name for a strong little guy!


Barbie fairytale movies have some handsome prince names for your little prince!


Love this name and spelling for a boy or add a y and make it girly (Ayden)!


Another princely name from Barbie Mariposa and I love that this name could be shortened to just Carl for a little boy who grows to quickly into a little man.


He’s the male lead in Barbie Prince and the Pauper and his name is just as good as his nature! This name is beautiful for a baby boy!


Another Princely inspired name!


Cutest first name even if it’s Ken’s last name!


Ryan is Raquelle’s twin brother from the Dreamhouse show and a cute moniker especially for boy and girl twins: Raquelle and Ryan!

Now that you’ve selected a name inspired by the “Anything is Possible” mindset pair it with the cutest baby blanket from Caden Lane! I’m loving all these Barbie inspired pinks that an be personalized and my own little “KEN” was snug in this little Dusty Blue personalized blanket!

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