There is something so very special about Christmas and Holiday babies! First of all they are born during a time that is already so filled with JOY and EXCITEMENT! My four are all Winter or Spring babies so while I’ve never had a baby at Christmas time I can say that the joy of being pregnant during that time was always one of my favorites.

Below are a few girl and boy names that would be divine for babies born during Christmas or whichever Holiday you celebrate this winter!

10 Girl Names for the Holidays


I love that this name is unique and would be for a sophisticated little lady!

Holly or Hollie

Seriously this name is adorable with either spelling and I definitely think this bubbly little one would never let her friends combine her Holiday birthday presents with Christmas presents!


It’s an obvious one, but this name is just lovely! Also have you seen the adorable movie on Disney+!


Sure she’s the ice princess, but this name is too cute not to have on the list for a new little Christmas/Winter Holiday Princess.


Classic names are making a come back and pairing this one with a cute “boyish” middle name is on trend. Think “Mary Hudson” or “Mary Scott”


A lovely name for a lovely little girl who is sure to grow up and love hearing the Christmas bells near her birthday!


Okay, I was inspired by the classic Rudolph show for this name, but it really is lovely and it rolls of the tongue so sweetly.


If she’s born on Christmas Eve this name is short, sweet, and your little one will likely have a fun story to accompany her arrival.


The lead part in a Nutcracker and the role every little ballerina wants to play! This name is classic and has me thinking “visions of sugar plums”!


Unique and yet so simple! Also I know this little girl would warm everyone’s hearts even if she’s named after one of the coldest months!

10 Boy Names for the Holidays


Like Kris Kringle, but seriously I love the unique spelling on this classic name for a handsome guy! It gives me all the surfer boy vibes even during the cold Holiday months!


Like Tiny Tim, but it’s a sweet name for a special little boy!


I love the biblical relevance of this name, but also that it has so many nicknames like Joey or Jose!


I’m thinking this would fit nicely for a strong little lad!


No…I’m not kidding! This is often a family name and I think it would be adorable for a little man and use “Rudy” as his nickname!


Trust me when this little guy is a toddler you will shout it just like the Mom from “Home Alone”!!


Isn’t every newborn angelic, but with this name he is sure to be even more of a little cherub!


Such a strong, beautiful name with angelic meaning!


I mean you knew it would be on the list and how much fun will it be when you’re little guy finds out he shares a name with the “Man in Red”!


This is one of my little guy’s nicknames and I think it would be a super adorable name for any little guy!

Whether you are expecting a Christmas or Holiday baby are there any names on this list you love or hate? Naming a little one can be a daunting task, but finding a cute personalized blanket or outfit is easy with so many adorable options from Caden Lane. My personal favorite right now is this little knotted gown:

How precious would this be for a little “December” or “Cane” or “Kane”?

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